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The Half-Orcs

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The Half-Orcs

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:22 pm

Zurn Bloodbringer (Sleazee P. Martinee) 125-77-7 Half-orc - Morningstar/Tower Shield

Zurn became the Arena’s 3rd Monster warrior with his kill of the # 2 warrior Nefindil.

Sleazee wrote: “Zurn was created on my 8th week of being part of the beloved game that we all know as The Blood Pit. He was the beginning and last of his kind. The orc strain that I used with him and many like him was of a slow brutish breed of orcs. Since that time I've used many differnt types of orc strains with varying results. I'm not sure if he would hold up to the Pit standards of today though, but of course that was a different time.

Zurn had a slow start before things changed when I finally gave him his trusty and lethal morning star. At 50 fights he was a mere 30-20-2 and by the time he'd hit 100 fights he'd gone 63-37-3. As can be seen he maintained around a 60% record most of his career. During the time that I managed him, most of his opponents hailed mainly from the stables of either ZERO, Puke/Putz or the LOaD. In which he won the majority of the fights against them.

At around 75 fights I started training him in the use of the tower shield to make up for his slowness. He was the first of my warriors to use the tower shield to good effect. As he was my oldest lived warrior he was also the first to try out many styles and strategies.

At around 150 fights I had set as a goal for him to beat the all time oldest orc record which was held by MaulBearer at 176 fights. After achieving that goal, I had determined that if he made it to 200 fights I would send him to the Monsters and the rest is history!”


Stat trains : 34
Skill trains: 85
Total trains: 119

Fights: 202

Train %: 58.9%
Win % : 61.9%
Kill % : 3.5%

KILL HISTORY [records in ()s are the records his opponents had when they fought]:

1) GEE DANG (0-0) managed by HOSEHEAD. Hoser and my warriors matched a LOT because we started around the same time.
2) KETRAS (3-5) managed by ILNEVAL. Forgot that I made this challenge. Needless to say, Nev wasn't too happy with me for it.
3) VALIANT (29-8-3) managed by GOUGED EYE INC. Gougy and I've got some history and was glad to rid him of a promising warrior.
4) BACKLASH (56-75-0) managed by BANDIT. I was very happy with this kill because Bandit's MAs gave my orcs troubles when I was first starting out.
5) YARITSUKAI (99-51-1) managed by DUX MORTALITAS. This kill ranks as one of my favorites because it happened the turn after Putz declared that he was going to kill my top level warriors, which he never accomplished.
6) HALF-ORC HALF-AMAZIN (22-35-7) managed by ADRIAN. This guy killed 2 of my promising warriors and I didn't want it to happen again, so, I sent Zurn to make sure of it.
7) NEFINDIL (67-37-3) managed by THE BLOOD MASTER. The kill that will forever immortalize him!!!

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