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Hall Of Fame Induction Criteria

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Hall Of Fame Induction Criteria

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:24 pm

Induction eligibility

- A warrior must have 100 fights or more to be eligible. Special exemptions can be made for warriors that hold records that may have failed to reach 100 fights (i.e. Kill records,tournament winners, etc)

- A warrior cannot be active at the time of nomination. They must either be Dead, or Retired.

- A warrior nominated that does not pass the vote, will have 3 chance to make the vote before being ineligible. Basically, if a warrior is nominated and fails to get the required votes, he will automatically be included in the next vote, not to exceed 3 total voting periods.

- A warrior must aquire a 70% or greater vote to be inducted.

- Each warrior that is inducted will gain the ability to vote on future classes, however, the manager of the warrior inducted must be active on the boards at the time of the next vote. For example, Ratyr is voted in, then Ratyr gets to vote for future classes, but MJ must be active on the boards.

- No manager can have more than 2 votes in any one induction. If a manager is on the Panel, and has 4 warriors in the Hall of Fame, they will still only get 2 votes.

- Manager eligibility will be open for any manager nominated. Managers should be considered on more than just record. Please consider what that manager has done for the game, and it's overall advancement.

- A manager may return to active service even if they have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Let's call this the Joe Gibbs Rule, for those that follow the NFL.

- Voting will be held twice yearly. January and July, unless it can be coordinated around a tournament.

- Voting will be held via e-mail. This will not require much from the voters. I will post a list of eligible warriors/managers, you need only e-mail me your votes on each. I will post this list publicly.

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