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Reclusion (175-123-10)

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Reclusion (175-123-10) Empty Reclusion (175-123-10)

Post  Ilneval on Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:43 pm

Here is a snapshot of Reclusion after his final fight. A more in depth write-up will be coming when I have the time to sit and do one. For now, you get this for your enjoyment.

Reclusion (175-123-10) Reclus11

Reclusion (175-123-10) Council of the cauldron3
Reclusion (175-123-10) Ilneval

Listen here Wolfchild. I speak to you of the science of mythology. I speak of malevolent deviation. The psychotronic love commandos. We shall be drunk on stars, we shall fear nothing. Demand the impossible. Dream your destiny. Defy the logic of alphabets. I've slain the King Of The Wolves! Nothing is impossible!
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