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Brudzinski's Sign RIP

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Brudzinski's Sign RIP

Post  Vic Vegas on Wed May 30, 2012 11:47 pm

Brudzinski's Sign
Turn 396-606
December 8, 2007 - December 24, 2011

starting stats:
STR 16
CON 16
INT 14
SIZ 10

Ending stats:
STR 23
DEX 14
CON 24
INT 22
SIZ 10

Is skilled (3) in Francisca
Is mastered (9) in Battle Axe
Is mastered (9) in Boar Spear
Has excellent skill (6) in Open Hand
Is mastered (9) in Target Shield
Is mastered (9) in Dodge
Is mastered (9) in Parry
Is mastered (9) in Charge
Is mastered (9) in Lunge
Is mastered (9) in Initiative
Is mastered (9) in Feint
Is mastered (9) in Brawl

Has a troublesome (4) injury to the Primary Arm
Has an irritating (3) injury to the Secondary Arm
Has a painful (5) injury to the Head
Has an incapacitating (8) injury to the Chest
Has a fatal (9) injury to the Abdomen
Has a troublesome (4) injury to the Primary Leg
Has an irritating (3) injury to the Secondary Leg

Brudzinski's Sign was my first CS gladiator and one I thought would not live very long nor do very well. He started with a francisca/target shield until hitting a meager 16-10-0 then he switched to Battle Axe going 73-39-2 for a record of 89-49-2. I noticed his battle axe bouncing off armor left and right and he started losing too many bouts for him to remain with the weapon. His first train in boar spear was 82-42-2. It took 14 turns, and a 7-7 record before he mastered the weapon, with his last battle axe loss to Palor's legendary Needle Of Pine (94-33-4).

I was thrilled with his training and any CSers I make now are starting with the weapon they will finish with, so they won't have 12 wasted trains hanging like an albatross around their necks. With those early, wasted trains he could have mastered Open Hand and picked up a masters in Sweep, Disarm, or Throw. As Palor said, I got train greedy, with STR trip trained, going for his Beastly 8th train, then a trip to the monsters. I should have listened to his sage advice and sent him earlier.

Brudzinski's Sign far outlived my expectations and was my oldest warrior to date, dying on his 209th fight. It will be a while before I have another warrior his age. My next in line is LOPHOMASTIX at 148 fights (104-44-3) my speedy javelin elf who started his career with 21-0-0 in randoms.

Sword high! Tankards full! I salute Brudzinski's Sign!


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Vic Vegas
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Re: Brudzinski's Sign RIP

Post  Vic Vegas on Wed May 30, 2012 11:48 pm

Modofo Replied

(Date Posted:01/14/2012 9:25 AM)

Congratulations and condolences.

I have no doubt that Brudzinski's Sign will be a Ringmaster in the Circus of the Sky.

Vic Vegas
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