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Post  Vic Vegas on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:45 pm

When I realized I could make an exact clone of my now deceased gladiator THWACK (102-30-6) I jumped at the chance. There is one MAJOR difference - GPVII is wielding a javelin instead of a boar spear... just to keep things fair.

Dwarf Male
Scale Mail/Full-Helm
Javelin/Target Shield, b/u Javelin

Training con/con/parry

It is a toss-up. This guy will either stumble his first few fights before finding his groove, or he will kick butt right out the gate. THWACK was 1-2-0 at 3 fights, 5-5-0 after 10, and 17-8-2 after 25, and 35-15-5 at fifty fights. I don't see this guy getting as many kills, but I hope to see his win record improve a smidge. It is hard to say, THWACK was an amazing trainer.

With 131 chances to train he ended with 23-13-24-21-9-11 and six masters in BS, parry, charge, lunge, feint & brawl and an 8 init, 7 dodge. I was pushing hard for a 24 str when he died. He only had 3 perm locations, two lvl 2 (pa, ab) and one lvl 3 (sa).

Vic Vegas
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