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UW Dethroner 2013 FINAL RESULTS

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UW Dethroner 2013 FINAL RESULTS

Post  Dux Mortalitas on Sat May 04, 2013 12:52 pm

UW Dethroner - Turn #7 FINAL RESULTS

And the final turn of DETHRONER has finally arrived with a fury as Dethroner serves it's ultimate purpose - to disallow the proper closure of UW by keeping the title spot vacant!!!!

The action this turn was between CHI and MODOFO.

Chi's OWL throws the gauntlet and takes out Modofo's MOONSHINE SOONMINE
Modofo's MOON HALF FULL challenges and knocks off God of Rock's FLASH OF THE BLADE

The final Totals for Dethroner:
UL - 1
CHI - 1

As you can see MODOFO completely overwhelmed UW and Dethroner competition alike easily taking the title as UW DETHRONER for 2013 with 10 successful knock-off challenges! Amazing.
Vic Vegas and Dux tie for second place - sorry no trophy for that, guys. Better luck in 2014.

I'd like to thank Stalker for running UW and making this contest possible.
I'd like to thank the handful of managers that participated this year for the test run - maybe we can get the work out earlier next year and make this contest a little more competitive!

Dux Mortalitas
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