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Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:11 am

Klagrok Keeneyes –

Started participating – turn 386

Alliance Memberships – None

favorite races – Half-Orc and Dwarf

About Me - KlagrokKeeneyes battled orcs and half-orcs for many years in the last War of BrokenMountain. Many of the recruits that were sent his way were younger dwarves who spent some time in the BloodPit honing their skills for battle. Klagrok recognized that these warriors were better equipped to handle the vicious hand-to-hand combat that often occured in the caverns beneath BrokenMountain. He also recognized the potential of his adversaries as well.

When the dwarves had finally won the war against the orc and goblin hordes beneath BrokenMountain, Klagrok decided to manage a team in the BloodPit--using some of his old recruits and some of the slaves he acquired in the war. To date his success has not lived up to its potential. The addition of some swordwielding elves seems to have helped somewhat.

My Favorite Warrior - Flukka the battleflailing Hlaf-Orc. Her record was 19-14-6.

What made that warrior special to me - She was able to get kills unlike her brothers and sisters. Her CS either worked wonderfully or failed miserably.

A specific moment that stands out to me - Seeing Flukka sitting on the Kill List for until she kicked the bucket

A manager that I look up to - Ilneval---happened to tell mention the game during another game called Gladiator Battles. He then gave me some good tips on running my starting peeps but of course as youngins to a game as want to do, I followed my own advice and look where Im at Smile

Goals that I have accomplished - No I am still working on my goals.

Long Term goals going forward - Yes I would like to get to 50% W/L ratio---need to win for about a year straight 20-5 to get that.

Races that I prefer and the styles that Ilike for them - Half Orc
CS and Engage&Withdraw

Preferred weapons - Any type of Flail.

My Best warrior - Zorina, she is not my favorite but one I consider my best. The ones who have survived a year have horrible records, but somehow Lightning Lorg at 36-76(think he has lost like 50 in a row) is still kicking.

My Best Turn - 20-5-2 on turn 439

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - Dang that is a tough one. Think Slashing Sara Lee was 0-2 and went to 13-2 before she was defeated. Pretty sure I dont have anyone with a longer fight streak
Vic Vegas
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