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Getting To Know STIMPY

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Getting To Know STIMPY

Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:12 am

Stimpy –

Started participating – Turn 270

Alliance Memberships – None

favorite races – Half-Orc and Dwarf

About Me - There is little to tell. I was an avid player of Duelmasters (Duel 2) along with some friends of mine. After a long hiatus away from DM, they found and turned me on to Blood Pit. The game blew me away and was everything I wanted/expected from DM that wasn't delivered.

My Favorite Warrior - George (48-37-1) 22-17(13)-16(11)-9(5)-6(3)-14 half-orc wielding halberd who died at the hands of a friend.

Started out (23-0-1)
At 25 fights (23-2-1)
At 50 fights (33-17-1)

There is no doubt in my mind that if I knew now what I did then, George would have been a better warrior. He lacked long-term potential due to the 25 STR to start, but I could have done a lot more with him in 100 fights than I actually did.

What made that warrior special to me - It took a very long time for me to start to get the hang of the nuances of BP. George was the first majorly successful guy I had. He started out 23-0 using a halberd. I especially liked this guy because he started out with a 25 STR. Obviously, the success he had for me embedded me more in the game of BP and the culture.

A specific moment that stands out to me - Several things stand out:
1) Getting a guy to run a 23-0 record
2) My first 100-fight warrior, Love Vulture (43-59-1)Ret. Turn 431
3) Getting a guy with a winning record into the Top 50 warriors.
4) My first successful 100+ fight warrior Kid Ego (84-77-4) current
5) My second successful 100+ fight warrior Ragtown Jimmy (70-48-4) current
6) Losing 3 warriors in a single teamfight.

A manager that I look up to - I have to say, in no particular order, Acheron, Vic Vegas, Xavier and Dux all have my respect. In one way or another, they all influenced my level of understanding in the game.

Goals that I have accomplished - Getting a guy into the Top 50 warriors, and having a winning record.

Long Term goals going forward - I am still learning BP. While some managers are no longer intrigued by the game, I am still learning. I'd like to have more of a mastery of the game. To benchmark this, I'd like to have at least one warrior listed in all of top warriors by race at the same time.

At 2000 managerial fights, I had a dismal record. Close to 30% if I recall correctly. At 4000 fights was was 2 wins shy of 50%. Since then I've bounced above and below that 50-50 margin. Now, approaching 6000 fights, I am still at 50%. I intend to be 55+% career-wise.

Races that I prefer and the styles that Ilike for them - My best success has been with the half-orc. Which seems to be a common occurrance. My favorate style is the decoy style. Not surprisingly, I often merge the two into some sort of strategy.

Preferred weapons - My favorite weapon is the halberd. I rarely use it though due to its requirements. By usage, I would say the morningstar ranks as number one. Recently, the boar spear because it seems to be the primo weapon right now.

My Best warrior - My best warrior has to be Kid Ego. He's still alive and my most successful warrior to date by record and longevity. I stumbled upon success with him though.

However, I would have to say tied with Kide Ego is Ragtown Jimmy who I designed to fight in a specific manner and has done so with remarkable success. So I favor the success with intent as much as that of stumbling upon it.
Both are alive and doing well.

My Best Turn - Turn 349 I went 20-5-3. While not ranked #1 on the week, I had the most wins with 20. I've had other 20 win turns, but that was the best.

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - George went from 0 fights to a 23-0-1 record. I really wanted to go 25-0-X with him.
Vic Vegas
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