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Getting To Know THE BADMAN

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Getting To Know THE BADMAN

Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:13 am

The Badman –

Started participating – Turn 305

Alliance Memberships – GAPPDA

favorite races – Dwarf and Elf

About Me - Quiet, unrelenting and dedicated to having the best gladiators in the PITT. Weak warriors need not apply. You can find me in the dark corner of the tavern, beer in hand with money to bet.

My Favorite Warrior - Fiesty Fiona...elf

What made that warrior special to me - She is amazingly versatile and has never stopped training. With Masters in 4 and soon to be 5 different weapons she has given me the ability to run almost any style/strat combination that I choose and do so well. I also love the she uses opportunity throw as one of her main strats.

A specific moment that stands out to me - Mr. Grieg getting 100 wins and winning the undefeated warrior contest....not sure which I was more excited about.

A manager that I look up to - Xavier....tons of knowledge helped me develop better strategies for my warriors.

Goals that I have accomplished - Mr. Grieg and Ludwig both original warriors getting to the 100 fight mark. Mr . Grieg getting to 100 wins. Mr. Grieg winning the undefeated warrior contest for warriors over 100 fights. Sleazy Sam becoming the No.1 ranked halfing in the arena even if it is by default with Eric Caine's retirement.

Long Term goals going forward - I want to get Greg the Foul to 100 wins before Sleazy Sam and Fiesty Fiona cash in. I think it would be unique to have 3 100 win warriors on the same team. I also want to challenge a couple of monsters and maybe win one day. Last to develop a warrior/race/strat combination that is uniquely mine.

Races that I prefer and the styles that I like for them - I like Elves the best and I love using opportunity throw with them. I think that making a good elf is much harder than making a good dwarf or half-orc.

Preferred weapons - Favorite weapons: Javelin - not as much power as the boar spear but faster and I have found it can be thrown easier by my warriors.

War Hammer - works well with a variety of classes and can dish out some horrendous damage consistently.

My Best warrior - Mr. Grieg - didn't start out my best and may not be the best I currently have, although he has to hold this spot as he has led the way in all of my accomplishments.

My Best Turn - I believe it was 20-5 or 19-6.

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - Mahler won 19 in a row going from 3-1-1 before he lost at 22-2-3
Vic Vegas
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