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Getting To Know D-MAN

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Getting To Know D-MAN

Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:14 am

D-Man -

Started participating – Turn 137

Alliance Memberships –

C.O.C. (current)

favorite races – Human, Half-Elf, Elf

About Me - I was born into a poor family of pheasant pluckers in southern Alastari. As a child, I had to pick figs all day and pack pickles all night. In typical fantasy novel fashion, my village was burned by evil marauders when I was a teen, and of course I was dramatically sold into slavery. I resolved to win my freedom in the most predictable way possible...slaying opponents one by one on the sands of a gladiatorial arena in an action-packed montage. After I attained a personal record of 1000-0-1000, I grew weary of the adoration of the crowds. Luckily, and since there were no more opponents left alive, my owner went broke and the arena closed down. My manager had no choice but to let me go. Once freed, I wandered the wastelands for about 40 or 50 years basically having one incredibly exciting D&D-style adventure after another. I decided it was time to slow down, so I bought my first stable of gladiators in the town of Seam in Alastari...and it was an utter failure. That's when I first crossed paths with Ilneval, Sleazee and Sanguine Saviour. I began to branch out into other arenas in Alastari and found a little success here and there. Then one day when I was strolling along a mystical forest path, I fell into some kinda weird rune soultrap thing and was exiled to another dimension for about five million years. After all that time trapped between realities, the wormhole shat me out right here on the front steps of Veteran's Blade arena about seven years ago. By sheer luck, Ilneval had jumped through a vortex or something and here he was. He then kidnapped me and forced me to sign up to manage a stable of glads in the arena. And the rest is history.

My Favorite Warrior - M. Noirceur. Human. 110-103-4

What made that warrior special to me - He was always an unorthodox warrior who was challenging and interesting. Toward the end of his life he was using a maul/tower shield successfully vs. some truly legendary competition. He was slain by Misery.

A specific moment that stands out to me – Won the first of Keeper's tournaments.

A manager that I look up to - Ilneval deserves mention for bringing me to the game and for helping me out from time to time. MJ, Sleazee, Nads, Overlord, Warlord -- they killed monsters. Also Palor and his gang. They gave me lots of grief early on and a reason to try to get better.

Goals that I have accomplished - Won a tournament.
Had a guy achieve 100 wins
Had a guy in the top 10 of the arena.

Long Term goals going forward - I want to have the top warrior in the arena someday, and of course I'd like to kill a monster. Both are years away from happening.

Races that I prefer and the styles that I like for them - Can't go wrong with the old elf/shortsword. Always fun.

Preferred weapons – Morningstar

My Best warrior - Black Nightshade. If only I was a good enough manager to know how to run him.

My Best Turn - Don't know. Probably 19-6. Can't remember ever going 20-5 and I don't think I have all my newsletters.

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - No idea. I've never tracked that.
Vic Vegas
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