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Getting To Know ILNEVAL

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Getting To Know ILNEVAL

Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:15 am

Ilneval -

Started participating – Turn 113

Alliance Memberships –

Ministry of the Axe
Council of the Cauldron (Current)

favorite races – Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Dwarf

About Me - My manager name was derived from The Orc god of war. Ilneval is listed as Gruumsh's chief right hand.I chose this name way back in my days of playing Duelmasters, and it followed me to the Pit. I have been playing constantly since turn 113 which was my first official turn. I created my team on turn 111, but for those that have been around very long, you didn't start the turn you created your first team. My first few tuns were nothing to write home about. It took me til around turn 165 or 170 before I was able to pull my overall record up over the 50% mark. I have been there since then. I was invited to join the LOD not long after the new client came out, based on my kill percent. I like how the LOD required it's pledges to kill a certain opponent within a given time frame to become a member. I left them voluntarily and went on to help form the Ministry of the Axe, which was the first Iowa alliance. It was short lived, as we decided to forego the allinace thing to do our own things. A couple of years later, we banded the whole Iowa crew together to form the Council of the Cauldron. The Council still exists to this day, but it is a shell of it's former self with several of the members MIA.

My Favorite Warrior - My favorite warrior was one of my first warriors. V'shnuak. He was a Half-orc that I created on my second team. He eventually died at the hands of Palor's Half-Orc Fleshsplatterer with a 37-7-6 record.

What made that warrior special to me - He started out 22-0-4 before suffering his first loss. I was especially fond of this warrior simply because he was close to one of my original warriors, and he helped to put my name in the public eye, People took notice of him.

A specific moment that stands out to me – I think for me the moment that sticks out the most for me was the moment I went over the 50% mark as a manager. I was fairly insignificant as a manger up to that point. I basically had one warrior that was a standout and I needed something to bring me relevance.

A manager that I look up to - Actually, Stalker is one of the managers that I have a deep respect for. He is not afraid to do things out of the norm and doesn't tend to follow the "Cookie Cutter" design. I always have had trouble with his warriors, and he never seems to do things vindictively. I have a deep respect for a lot of managers in this game, past and present, but as I said, Stalker really sticks out in my mind.

Goals that I have accomplished - In all the years that I have played, I have accomplished a ton of my goals. I had a goal to have a double digit killer, and I accomplished that with Solitude by his 50th fight. I had a goal to have a warrior that killed at least one warrior of every race, and I accomplished that with Reclusion. So I have accomplished many, many goals that I set for myself.

Long Term goals going forward - I think I have the same ultimate goals as most managers. I want to have the overall top warrior, even if for just one turn. I also hope to become a monster killer.

Races that I prefer and the styles that I like for them - I tend to be partial to Half-Orcs. I also have a preferred style with those races, but I will keep that little secret to myself

Preferred weapons – My favorite weapon is probably either the Trident, Poleaxe or the Bladed Flail. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Each, in the hands of the right warrior are extremely deadly.

My Best warrior - My best warrior overall has been Reclusion simply because he is my longest living. He was my first to 100 wins and he is a multi killer. He helped me to accomplish my "Kill for the Cycle" goal by killing at least one of each race.

My Best Turn - I have had 3 turns of 20-5, but the best was turn 191 where along with those 20 wins came 2 kills. I am also partial to turn 221 where I went 16-9-5

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - Best streak was V'shnuak who started 22-0-4. There have been several warriors that have had 15-18 fight win streaks, but nothing has matched V's starting run for me.
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