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Bp Client Forum Notes - Please Read

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Bp Client Forum Notes - Please Read

Post  Admin on Tue May 17, 2011 1:30 am

This forum is intended for discussing the new Blood Pit Client in general, between other managers, or between managers and myself. Feel free to post anything related to BP Client (not just bugs and suggestions).

However, if your post is a bug report or a suggestion, it will help make my job easier if you post using the following guidelines:

1) Try to classify and use an appropriate "post type" for your Topic's Title. Post type can be one of "Bug Report", "Suggestion", or "Enhancement" where:

- Bug Report = A problem with BP Client. Anything that doesn't seem to work right (or at all), GUI layout problems, even text spelling errors. Be sure to include the Operating System you are using (WinXP, WinMe, etc.) in the post text.

- Suggestion = Not a bug per-sey, but something in the GUI that is either cryptic, or user unfriendly.

- Enhancement = Something that is not currently in the BP Client that you would like to see in the future.

2) Use a meaningful and specific Topic Description. To do this you may need to post your bug or enhancement list in multiple separate posts.

3) Make a separate post for additional discussion topics unrelated to your bug, suggestion, or enhancement. Don't embed a topic for general discussion in a Bug Report (if possible).


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