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TINKLE (43-28-3) vs TAS(4) (124-108-9)

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TINKLE (43-28-3) vs TAS(4) (124-108-9)

Post  Vic Vegas on Wed May 24, 2017 9:34 pm

TINKLE                     WARRIOR NAME                     TAS(4)            
           43-28-3                        RECORD                      124-108-9            
     ONOMATOPOEIA (1021)                TEAM NAME                  THE MONSTERS (1)        
       VIC VEGAS (341)                 MANAGER NAME              THE BLOOD MASTER (1)      
          Elf Female                   RACE/GENDER                    Human Male          

        is of powerful strength            --->            is of beastly strength          
            has swift movements            --->            has blur-like movements        
      has a brawny constitution            --->            has an iron-like constitution  
             is a quick thinker            <---            is fairly bright                
            is of average build            ====            is of average build            

       65-AN IMPRESSIVE WARRIOR         POPULARITY         QUITE POPULAR-72                
                          5' 0"           HEIGHT           6' 0"                          
                        146 lbs           WEIGHT           263 lbs                        

                     BRIGANDINE           ARMOR            FULL-PLATE                      
                         CAMAIL            HELM            FULL-HELM                      
                        TRIDENT        MAIN WEAPON         WAR HAMMER                      
                      OPEN HAND         OFF WEAPON         OPEN HAND                      
                        TRIDENT        SPARE WEAPON        WAR HAMMER                      

TINKLE imposes a challenge match upon TAS(4)!

A demigod pauses to watch the fight
* TINKLE switches to strategy 3
* TAS(4) switches to strategy 6
The referee grumbles and says 'Me want blood to come in flood!'
TAS(4) strikes at just the right moment, surprising TINKLE!
TAS(4) waltzes toward the powerful TINKLE
TINKLE slips gracefully into the path of the blow
TINKLE circles toward the center of the arena
TINKLE violently thrusts forward with her trident
TINKLE attempts to impale TAS(4)'s left shin
  Little damage results from the strike
TINKLE leaps in viciously trident dancing in wild patterns
TINKLE slashes toward TAS(4)'s left hip
TINKLE finds a flaw in the enemy's defense
TINKLE has landed a potentially critical blow!
  The strike lands with flesh-splattering fury!
TAS(4) moves reluctantly forward
TAS(4) seeks to destroy TINKLE
TINKLE bounds backward from the assault
TAS(4) seeks to create pandemonium war hammer blazing a deadly path
TAS(4) assails TINKLE's lower torso with his war hammer
TINKLE is paying special attention to not being hit there!
TAS(4) strikes home with an aimed attack
  Blood gushes forth from the ghastly blow
TAS(4) bursts forth war hammer starved for bloodshed
TINKLE ducks under the blow
The referee grunts and says 'Polish your stones!'
TINKLE engages the enemy with her trident
TINKLE makes an attack toward TAS(4)'s kidneys with her trident
TINKLE's careful aim pays off!
TINKLE accurately strikes an unarmored area
TINKLE has landed a potentially critical blow!
  Blood oozes like maple syrup
TINKLE seeks to create pandemonium with her trident
TINKLE moves dangerously at TAS(4)'s lower torso
TINKLE hits with an aimed blow
  An ordinary blow has been struck
TINKLE risks a strike at TAS(4)
TINKLE tries to pierce TAS(4)'s left ankle with her trident
TINKLE has struck with devastating accuracy
  Bones are jarred by the impact!
TAS(4)'s primary leg is going stiff with the pain of an old injury
TAS(4) has lost bowel control
* TAS(4) switches to strategy 4
TAS(4) holds back--expecting a violent assault
TAS(4) defends himself, hoping to wear out his opponent.
TAS(4) seeks to create pandemonium war hammer whistling through the air
TAS(4) carefully strikes at TINKLE's right knee
TAS(4) hits with an aimed attack
TAS(4) has landed a potentially critical blow!
  Ligaments are torn
TAS(4) baffles the crowd, stealing the initiative from TINKLE!
TAS(4) swings swiftly war hammer carving a deadly swath
TINKLE efficiently dodges to one side
TAS(4) intends bodily harm to the powerful TINKLE
TAS(4) tries to mash TINKLE's chest
  A solid blow has been struck!
TAS(4) defends himself, hoping to wear out his opponent.
TAS(4) attacks urgently war hammer spelling hurt for the foe
TAS(4) attempts to thunk into TINKLE's left calf
  The weapon disappears into the wound!
TINKLE's fans look worried!

TAS(4) defends himself, hoping to wear out his opponent.
TAS(4) savagely attacks with his war hammer
TINKLE darts swiftly inward to block the strike
TAS(4) defends himself, in the hopes of exhausting his opponent.
TAS(4) cowers timidly behind his war hammer
TINKLE bounds backward from the assault
TINKLE engages the enemy trident moving like the wind
TINKLE aims a forceful blow toward TAS(4)'s lower body
TINKLE's aimed attack hits!
  An irritating scratch results
TINKLE makes an explosive assault with her trident
TINKLE tries to pierce TAS(4)'s right foot
  The weapon lands with ordinary impact
TAS(4)'s secondary leg is causing trouble - the trouble of pain
TAS(4)'s blood is everywhere!
The referee says 'What you got in skull--big hole?'
TAS(4) defends himself, expecting endurance to run out for his opponent.
TAS(4) leads the cavalry against the powerful TINKLE
TINKLE blocks the ill-fated blow
TAS(4) parries like a mad demon with his war hammer
TAS(4) bashes at TINKLE's chest
  Blood squirts out
TINKLE gags on phlegm
TINKLE strikes deviously outward with her trident
TINKLE jabs at TAS(4)'s rib cage
TINKLE circumvents the enemy's defenses
  A vein is opened
TAS(4) doesn't look so well...
TINKLE leaps in toward the blur-like TAS(4)
TINKLE accomplishes a near-miss with a clumsy attack
TINKLE targets a killing blow with her trident
TAS(4) bats aside the incoming attack
TINKLE charges TAS(4) with her trident!
TAS(4) dives at the offending weapon, blocking it
TINKLE's trident is knocked from her grasp!
TINKLE switches her backup trident to her primary hand!
A spectator calls out, 'Is that a human or an ugly elf?'
TAS(4) defends himself, letting fatigue take its toll on his opponent.
TAS(4) risks a strike at TINKLE
TAS(4) attempts to thunk into TINKLE's right temple with his war hammer
TAS(4)'s blow avoids TINKLE's camail!
  The wound is bleeding freely
A child giggles at the sight
TINKLE gags on phlegm
TINKLE constantly seeks a weakness for her trident
TINKLE plots devastating injury for TAS(4)'s stomach with her trident
TINKLE has struck home with a well-aimed blow
TINKLE lands a well-planned strike
  A solid blow has landed
TAS(4) could die at any moment!
TAS(4) defends himself, waiting for fatigue to eliminate his opponent.
TAS(4) parries like a mad demon with his war hammer
TAS(4) tries to crush TINKLE's right breast with his war hammer
Evil or Very Mad    The blow bathes both warriors in blood!
The crowd is stunned by the terrible maneuver!
TINKLE has been permanently injured in the chest!!!
TINKLE's chest collapses like an accordion
TINKLE has been blasted out of existance!
TAS(4) checks the fallen warrior's pockets for change!


TINKLE's first chest perm was also her last act on the sands.  I'm really surprised at how well she did, considering her highest skill level was 8 in trident.  It was a fight that had me unexpectedly on the edge of my seat.

Congrats to TAS(4) with this defense, despite it not qualifying for DHoR.

19-21-17-17-4-12 up 5-4-5-4-1

Has incredible skill (8) in Trident
Has good skill (4) in Dodge
Has very good skill (5) in Parry
Is skilled (3) in Charge
Has good skill (4) in Lunge
Has good skill (4) in Initiative
Has good skill (4) in Feint
Has novice skill (1) in Brawl

Has a painful (5) injury to the Primary Arm <-- reason #2 for monstering
Has an annoying (1) injury to the Head
Has a bothersome (2) injury to the Chest
Has a dreadful (6) injury to the Abdomen <-- reason #1 for monstering
Has an annoying (1) injury to the Primary Leg
Has a bothersome (2) injury to the Secondary Leg

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