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Inhuman Rampage 55-26-1

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Inhuman Rampage 55-26-1

Post  Dux Mortalitas on Sun May 29, 2011 4:15 am

I realize this is a month and a half late, but I feel that Inhuman Rampage deserves a little write-up. The thing about him was that he was primarily a Sure Strike warrior. I was bound and determined to actually get a Sure Striker to work with some success since it seems to be a style that gets over looked. I'm not sure if Inhuman Rampage would have been more successful had he gone with a more conventional strat, but I think he was fairly decent for someone using a lesser used style, that frankly I had not used much in my 6+ years of playing. So here we go:

Inhuman Rampage 55-26-1
Elf Male
5'5" 177 lbs.

16 (11)
23 (19)
15 (10)
15 (11)


Flail 9
Parry 9
Init 9
Dodge 9
Feint 2


Abdomen 6
Secondary Leg 4
Chest 3
Secondary Arm 1
Primary Leg 1

He ran Sure Strike from his 11th fight on. At that point he was 5-5-0, so you can see that while using Sure Strike as his primary Strat he was 50-21-1 which, for the stats that he had, was pretty darn good. He also had a nice stretch of 17-1-1 around the 35 fight mark. His favored weapon combo was the Flail/Dagger combo. I do still kick myself every so often for not training the dagger skills at all, but oh well, live and learn right?

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