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The Humans

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The Humans

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:10 pm

Fredrick Sandwichson (D-Man) 98-61-3 Human

This is my greatest Blood Pit warrior ever, and it's gonna be a long, long time before I can do better than the man, the myth, the Fredwich.
Let me first speak to the many new managers that have come lately to the pit. With persistence, time and effort, you can get to the top of this game. A lot of luck also helps. But mostly, it takes persistence.

Just keep playing, just keep trying different things. Before you know it, some one of your warriors that you always thought was mediocre may suddenly start tearing the absolute living crap out of everyone in his path. Like the flick of a switch, he comes alive and nobody can stop him. And thus is the story of Fredrick Sandwichson.

Fredrick Sandwichson was the fifth slot in my original set of rollups.

The person you all know as Ilneval came over to my house and encouraged me to start playing Blood Pit. He even installed the game on my computer. And he helped me figure out the tricky process that was necessary with the old Blood Pit Front End.

I remember clearly he said that Fred was the best guy on the team. I gave Fred a bastard sword and suited him up in leather armor with a steel cap. Fred lost his first fight, a random match against, as luck would have it, one of Ilneval's guys named Toucan Son of Sam. The second fight, I gave Fred a pole axe--and he's used it ever since.

Fred was just a slightly-better-than-average warrior. He was 12-9 when he killed his first opponent, a half-orc of Palor's named Chainer who was 15-5-1. Fred always did well against the LOD's deadly half-orcs, but many other types of guys gave him trouble.

By his 30th fight, Fred's record was 19-11-1. At 50, he was 28-22-1. At 60, he was 33-27-1. Not exactly a standout. Fred was just another one of my guys.

Then, something happened. I don't know what it was, really, but that switch got flicked. Over the next 40 turns, Fred came alive. He went 30-10, and his record at 100 fights was 63-37-1.

This time period includes the Keeper's first tournament. Fred was the champion, and I took all of the points he won and put them into size. He went from size 9 to size 19.

Then he really started kicking butt. He killed Valcor's deadly half-orc Decapitator, who was 61-32-12. Then he killed Izzy's formidable dwarf named Apricot, 57-44-5.

Most of the weaker opponents started slowly dying off. The pool of likely matchups began to shrink, and the ones who were left were some of the best in the game. And most of them were managed by the artist formerly known as Duke.

Glancing back through the last 30 or so fights, It's almost all Frankie, Yamabushi, Stuge or Sojutsuka. Duke knew how to beat Fred with every one of them, but Fred was never a push-over for them. He won a respectable amount of those fights.

I knew if Fred was going to get killed, it would be either Yamabushi or Frankie who would do it. Still, it's a sad surprise. I didn't expect this to happen yet. I really thought some day Fred could be where Lord Darius is now. Oh well, he had a great run, put his name in the history books and made me very proud.

Here's a final look at my best warrior ever:

Fredrick Sandwichson -- human, male, 6'9", 281 lbs.
22 (17)
21 (15)
22 (17)
15 (9)
7 (4)
19 (9)

pole axe-9
open hand-3 (note: I didn't set any of my first team to train on their first fight, so they all were set to default train open hand. Fred got all three of these skills in his first fight gap.gif )

secondary arm-1
primary leg-3
secondary leg-1

“Fredrick’s career was marked with up and down times. In his early career he was little more than average. Then something happened, and the switch was turned on for him. He rolled through the latter part of his career, and picked up the title of the first Keeper run tournament by beating warriors like the Diva, and Sgt. Schultz, who had a serious experience advantage in that Free-for-All. Sadly Fred left us just before he could cross the 100 win mark, but he still managed to impress all throughout his career. Fredrick holds the distinction of being the longest lived original warrior in Pitt history.”

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Re: The Humans

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:11 pm

Lord Darius (Overlord) 246-74-15 Human - Boar Spear

Perhaps the greatest warrior to ever set foot on the arena sands. Lord Darius easily holds records for most wins and for most kills. He is the record leader by race in several categories. Lord Darius became the most recent addition to the Monsters team with his rather lopsided kill of Jason the Half-Troll. Many managers looked forward to the day that Lord Darius either retired , died, or joined the monsters.

Human Male
217 LBS

STR 25 (17)
DEX 22 (12)
CON 23 (14)
INT 14 (9)
PRE 12 (7)
SIZ 12 (12)

Is mastered (9) in Great Sword
Is mastered (9) in War Hammer
Is mastered (9) in Maul
Is mastered (9) in Boar Spear
Has Incredible skill ( 8 ) in Target Shield
Is mastered (9) in Tower Shield
Is mastered (9) in Dodge
Is mastered (9) in Parry
Is mastered (9) in Charge
Is mastered (9) in Lunge
Has Some Skill (2) in Disarm
Is mastered (9) in Initiative
Is mastered (9) in Feint
Is mastered (9) in Brawl


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