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The Elves

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The Elves

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:14 pm

Viciousness (Duke/Dux Mortalitas) 133-67-7 Elf - Trident

Viciousness is quite arguably the most successful elf ever to walk the sands of our fair island. Certainly no other elf has held as many titles as Viciousness has – most of which have gone unchallenged for many years.

Viciousness was part of an experiment I was running with my original Stuge, who was also an elf. Both of these elves started out with very similar stats and used the same weapon and styles. The only difference between the two was that Stuge started out a little larger but slightly weaker and Viciousness had a little more in strength (started as a 12) but was a bit smaller with a wee bit more starting Int. Viciousness started out with a natural 22 intelligence, which I considered to be a significant waste of points, but as a manager I try to work with what I get and make the best of it. In Viciousness' case, I feel I succeeded in spades.

Viciousness used her wits to keep way ahead of the learning curve and that accounts mainly for her early success of 22 wins for 3 losses at 25 fights. She continued to train very well and fought against the best of the best in her range including the likes of Mira, one of Keeper's warriors, who had a record that went something along the lines of 50-5-8. Anyone remember exactly what that record was? Viciousness was responsible for several of those losses, but she took a few herself in exchange.

Viciousness breached 100 by setting an all time win/loss record for elves 75-25-3 which to this day has remained unbroken. It was shortly before 100 fights that Viciousness changed weapons from short sword to javelin in order to make use of the charge and throw skills. The competition Viciousness faced was second to none with the likes of Lord Darius, Gear Head, Mordin Ironbeard Jr, Stout, Brollen 7, Ratyr, etc. Viciousness gave as well or better than she took from all of these warriors.

By the time Viciousness reached 150 fights, she had graduated to the trident and was becoming quite the physical specimen. By this time she had the first three stats up 8x and was mastered in every skill under the sun including 4 weapons and a shield. Her 150 fight record was the best elven record in history and still holds to this day at 106-44-4. This is the second best 150 fight record of all single fighters ever.

It was about this time that Viciousness came into her killing space as she used her trident with deadly efficacy to finish off Stout (142-53-2), Brollen 7 (98-80-6) and Hakkon (116-70-7) some of the most successful warriors of those days. She continued to spend her time training in the gym at this point as she already had 14 masters and had no further use for skill training. She was able to push her Con, Dex and Str up twice more each for a total of 10x trains in all three areas to give her an amazing 22-22-22-25-10-10.

Viciousness retired on her 200th fight to take the all time best singles elf record ever at 133-67-7 and 3rd place overall for warriors who've never been tourney modified or had perm resistance.

Summary of records held - Dux Hall of Records
Best 200 fight singles record of all time - 3rd place
Best 150 fight singles record of all time - 2nd place
Best 200 fight singles record for Elves - 1st place
Best 150 fight singles record for Elves - 1st place
Best 100 fight singles record for Elves - 1st place

It is a great honor for me to see Viciousness inducted into the first BP Hall of Fame class. She has well earned her place amongst the greatest of the greats.

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Re: The Elves

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:15 pm

Nefindil (MJ) 67-37-3 Elf - Epee

Nefindil 67-37-3
Elf male, 5' 6", 187 lbs

STR 19 (14)
DEX 19 (14) Last DEX train obtained against the monster so 18 at the time
CON 17 (10)
INT 20 (16)
PRE 9 (3)
SIZ 14

Is mastered (9) in Epee
Is mastered (9) in Dodge
Is mastered (9) in Parry
Is mastered (9) in Lunge
Is mastered (9) in Initiative
Has incredible skill (8) in Brawl

Stat trains : 27
Skill trains: 53
Total trains: 80

Fights: 104

Train %: 76.9% Pretty good, but mostly skills with high INT
Win % : 64.4% Just short of the 65% target I had for him
Kill % : 2.9% Well the monster kill helps

Nefindil was part of an experiment aimed at proving that the Epee can be put to good use. I actually created a few warriors aroudn the same theme.
He had some impressive moments, but I never considered him a really good warrior, just a "interesting" one.
Being honest, his monstering was a check of how hard monsters would be for a finesse warrior, I guess I was lucky with the draw.

He had almost no perms, except ABD which was 7, and I was forced to defend it

I think Nefindil set a record that will be very hard to beat. For a warrior that was never special, beating the monster that everyone considered the more brutal and more feared is quite an accomplishment...

Fortune favors the bold!

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Re: The Elves

Post  Admin on Fri May 13, 2011 7:16 pm

Pain (Nads) 158-106-3 Elf - Boar Spear

Pain was the fourth warrior in the modern Pitt to earn a place with the monsters, and he did so by defeating another fellow warrior monster in Zurn Bloodbringer. Pain had mastered in all skills by this point with the exception of Disarm, and had mastered in 6 different weapons. Truly a terror of the arena.

Str 20 (10)
Dex 21 (14)
Con 23 (16)
Int 17 (13)
Pre 7 (5)
Siz 13

Master in all skills except disarm + Mastery in Quarterstaff/knife/mace/flail/target shield/Boar Spear

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Re: The Elves

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