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Tulip Domination (57-54-1-1) Dwarf

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Tulip Domination (57-54-1-1) Dwarf

Post  Dux Mortalitas on Sun May 29, 2011 3:41 am

Tulip Domination (57-54-1-1) Dwarf

OK. We need something in here. Tulip Domination was my first glad to die at over 100 fights. Above 50/50 was fine with me. How would you have made him better or survive longer.


Double Fransisca, Brigand, Canmail

Fransica x9
Initiative x9
Parry x9
Disarm x9
Dodge x7
Fient x5
Charge x3
Sweep x3
Brawl x1

Mostly WoS 7, dabbled in CS 3, and some parries/decoy in there too.
Aimed at the Arms based on the disarm.

I know, nobody puts strategies in here, but what can it hurt at this point.

Anybody out there?

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Dux Mortalitas
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