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Volume 1, Issue 8 - Turn 356

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Volume 1, Issue 8 - Turn 356

Post  lord_dragon on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:31 pm

Another action-packed episode of the Pit Gazette is coming your way. This week we are proud to be carrying featured articles by Ancient manager Dux Mortalitas and our Senior Alliance Analyst Raul Anjinarikar Siv as well as the BC Roundup presented by Senior Blood Challenge Expert Cliff Banana.

We're hip. We're with it. On to the show.

(Part I of a short series of articles submitted by Dux Mortalitas and edited by The Gazetteer)

Next week the Gazette will run Part II of Dux Mortalitas' series of articles on the status of the 150+ relative to yesteryear. Part I of this series focuses on The Demon's recently deceased Dwarf Bastion, an excellent warrior when compared to the current super-veterans of our beloved Veteran's Blade. This week's article examines how Bastion's accomplishments should be viewed today while next week we can attempt to set today properly against days past. Part III will examine some of the less qualitative measures of what it means to be a Legend of the Veteran's Blade.

Onward to the article by Dux Mortalitas.

First, I should note that I have the utmost respect for all warriors and managers involved in this debate and that my position is not intended as "mud-slinging" against Bastion or any other modern warriors. On the contrary, my issue is purely with what I perceive as unnecessarily loose usage of the term "Legend".

Instead of getting bogged down in comparisons to the 150+ of the past, it is possible to analyze Bastion in isolation and consider this against what it is to be a Legend.

As has been noted elsewhere, Bastion’s improvement was remarkable in the last 50 turns or so of his life. He went from what many thought of as a whipping boy to a warrior deserving of respect. That said, its possible to look at a Legend as the sum of certain accomplishments. Did Bastion measure up to any real Legendary accomplishments?

Lets consider some of the elements that make what we call Legendary warriors.

Tourney/competition wins? Can a Legend be defined by taking the crown in a great competition? Velocity, Dragon Warrior, and Glorial are such warriors. While I think winning a tourney or a competition is a huge accomplishment, I think it alone is probably not enough. It is, though, one aspect of an important whole. Of the three names mentioned above, two are known only for their competition/tourney. Of the three, Glorial both won competitions and broke records and set trends, and I would hazard to guess she alone will live on in our memories as a Legend. Bastion, it should be noted, had no tournament or competition wins, though most Legends do not.

Prodigious kills? Another important factor to take into account is the nature of their kills and whether they generate fear in all they face. Bastion had six kills, though, and was not feared by me certainly - six kills is more or less run-of-the-mill for a 200-Fight warrior. Bastion did kill off two warriors from my stable in his later life – Epitaph and Naginata. An unexpected change to armor properties by the Competition Committee helped Bastion finish Epitaph, a great warrior, on a turn when I did not provide instructions for dealing with exhaustion. Naginata was a very well fermented, good-but-not-great Half-Orc whose time had come. Someone was going to get that kill eventually and Bastion simply showed up across the sands and hit the right spot hard enough. Bastions killing ability, it can be said, was not the stuff of legends.

Some Legends separate themselves from the chaff through their incredible ability to win consistently over the long haul and this is a deeper discussion.

On Bastion’s 150th fight, his record was merely 70-80-4 (roughly 47%) - definitely nothing to be writing home about. Fast-forward to the present and we can see he died with record of 108-96-6 (52.68%). This is a tremendous turn-around for certain, going 40-16-2 over his final 56 fights! But is this improvement enough to earn a warrior Legendary status?

Perhaps we can determine by looking at the competition he faced. “After all, the greatest variable in any fight in your opponent, right?”. JT the Half-Ogre, one of the most experienced and respected caretakers of our sport once said this, and it has always stuck with me. Of the warriors that Bastion fought more than once in his last 50 turns, only one was top-notch, Gideon, and it should be noted that Gideon was just pretty good until about 20 turns back when he rounded the corner. If you will recall, 50 turns ago Gideon was being beaten by Pancho, who had about 100 fewer fights than him at the time. Of the other eight warriors in Bastion's range, he outnumbered all in terms of fight experience, averaging about 30 fights above his competition and in some cases was fighting down as many as 55 fights (Misery, to which he lost the majority). Of the warriors he beat more than 60% of the time, none were all that special and most were sub-par (Bladeturn 9-0, Geryon 4-2-0-1, M. Noirceur 4-1, Negative Evil 3-0). Bastion lost more than 60% of the time against only one warrior (Misery 1-2) and split 40-60% of the time against the following warriors: Zurn Bloodbringer (3-4), Naginata (3-2-1), Gideon (3-2), Hsab (2-2). It seems pretty clear to me that Bastion was by no means a dominant warrior even when he was at his best.

We can dive deeper by looking at his performance against only warriors from my stable over the last fifty turns of his life. Against the great ones, Misery, Bastion was 1-2, yet killed Epitaph (as noted) in their only meeting. Against three very good warriors, he was 0-1 on Yaritsukai, 2-2 against Hsab, and killed Naginata while taking three of five fights. Overall, Bastion went 7-7 with two kills against my warriors in his range, not exactly dominating, but solid. These fights do, however, account for nearly half of Bastion's losses at the same time.

As noted then, his performance against solid competition was good but not Legendary.

Another very important element to becoming a Legend is trend setting. Burning Butterfly is a great example of a trend-setter. Although I know that the Pole Axe Half-Elf had been done before successfully by Palor, it was Burning Butterfly that seared the value of this combination into our minds. Burning Butterfly showcased that style by taking the best 50 Fight record for the entire arena. And now we can see that the general public is catching on to this fantastic weapon and race combination! Soon we’ll be overrun by thin, pointy-eared pole axers!

Bastion? Battle axe, target shield, tank, Dwarf… What’s more traditional than that? He did use Total Kill far into the 100+ fight range, but instead of showcasing the value of TK, he just proved the TK detractors right by losing the majority of upper level fights with it. Moving away from Total Kill was the best managing decision Demon made with Bastion.

The last element that can play a part in a warriors attainment of Legendary status, in my mind, is in comparison to others of his race that have lived to a similar age. A good example of this kind of Legend would be Zurn Bloodbringer, who deserves his status for his longevity and solid record as a Half-Orc (his current Monster status certainly doesn’t hurt either). However, relative to most other great warriors and discarding race he would not make the cut in isolation.

Along these same lines let’s compare Bastion to the former best of his own race. Concentrating on age, we’ve had a handful of dwarves live to about the same experience level (see L. Pyromelana 171-75-9, Stout 142-54-2, Sgt. Schulz 167-49-10, and Mordin Ironbeard Jr. 129-62-9). Some may discard these warriors as being part of the Golden Age, but I will not. We can also compare to Yamabushi, who had an almost identical number of fights as Bastion as of turn 301 (about 50 turns back). Bastion’s record at the time was 70-80-4 while Yamabushi’s was 120-32-7. In contrast to Bastion, Yamabushi, as a consequence of his record, was up-fighting most of his life and through it all kept a stellar win/loss percentage. He killed great warriors and was certainly feared. Like Bastion, he was never reincarnated and had never been altered with a tournament prize. Bastion, by comparison, could feast on a less distinguished crop of warriors for wins as needed.

So, Bastion was nothing special as a killer. Bastion was not feared by most around him. Bastion thrived on the weaker competition surrounding him and only did so-so against well-managed warriors. Bastion did not face and kill the best of the best. Bastion was not a paragon of his race.

It is therefore my opinion that Bastion was a very good warrior, worthy of accolades, but not a Legend. That said, I am open to other opinions and hope to hear them.

My friends it is I, Raul Anjinarikar Siv, serving once again at your pleasure. I bring you treasures of intellect, delectables of the eyes, and, most importantly, news of the goings on in the world of Alliances.

It will come as no enormous surprise that my focus was once again on the Undefeated Warrior competition, and we see nothing extraordinary this turn except carnage after carnage after carnage. Decimation would not go far enough in describing what happened to most alliances and managers this turn. And this without the great alliances targeting each other! I’ll say that there have been more fights between brothers within each alliance this turn than all last year.

The Legion of Death is again, and to my great pleasure, still in the lead with 43 strong warriors. It does make this flea merchant slightly wet in the palm to know that this represents a loss of nearly 1/3 of their contestants, with 4 stables composing over half their ranks. One might ask if the Padishah would be angry with me, but I assure you that these losses represent the sick and the dying of their stables. Survival of the fittest, yes, my emperor?

It is unfortunate to note that the normally pathetic and meager offerings of the alliance known as GAPPDA is through some great stroke of fortune or luck, or perhaps both, maintaining three managers with 8 warriors a piece in their ranks. Man for man the GAPPDA alliance could overtake the Legion of Death next turn in this horse race, and this is one pony who does not want to saddle that possibility. It is greatly uncomfortable-making that they should lose but 19 warriors this turn with a remainder of 37 contestants, a mere camel’s spit away from the LoD total.

The other alliances still involved in the mix have seemingly fallen on hard times. The competition? Brutal. The kills? Merciless. The NBS was not so lucky this turn as last, their shining star who had a veritable legion of 13 warriors left saw all but 6 gone, making up more than half NBS' 12 losses and bringing the alliance to 16 contenders. DIE lost a full half of their remaining contestants, with only 10 remaining among the two deadly managers. And FoF struggles to stick around the contest with 7 lovely, available warriors remaining amongst them. A single turn could make the difference now for any of these alliances.

Of course we cannot leave out the filthy unaligned. Those scabs of independence whose mark of individuality disgusts even the spineless sheep that make up ordinary society. Familiar faces once again appear on the list, with The Overlord, Dux Mortalitas, and Caesar Invictus holding spots with the immutable and unknown, but not silent, Cam. Together these 4 managers represent 30 continuing contestants, still more than most alliances, but falling behind the two leaders. Considering that the upper echelons only hold 4 of these so called ‘independent’ managers, the showing is a testament to their stables' strength and virility. Upon entering heaven there will be many happy, well, you get the idea.

Gaining the honor of first to leave the dance, or as we say where I am from, he who runs with a head in a paper bag, is Mygdar Le Gnome. This strange, short specimen of a manager is the first allied manager to lose all holdings in the UW competition, and must now decide what to do with all his spare time. Will he try and help his alliance mates with the tedious job of assailing others or to carry on life as if there were simply no UW competition this year, that he had not been wiped a mere three turns into the fray. Though I tried to reach him for comment by séance, the only thing that would come over was the familiar ‘Hin hin hin’ of his kind. Good luck my strange little man.

And now I will leave, for I have important meetings with veiled women of questionable repute. Salaam and good hunting.

While the previous two turns had seen at least one of our 100 Fight warriors buy the farm on fight day, our two newest members of the 100 Fight Club managed to break the streak by surviving Turn 356, both doing so in random matches. Congratulations go out to The Demon and Belial for reaching 100 fights with a win (though underwater at 46-54-0) against The Overlord's younger Blue Ranger. In other action, Poeg's Bull lost to Damion's Smurfette to reach 100 Fights with an excellent 65-35-5 record. The Gazette hopes to see more big accomplishments for both warriors in the future.

Next turn finds three solid warriors breaking the 100 Fight mark together. The Gazette wishes the best of luck to Sanguine Savior's Whoop Ddamn Doo (65-34-5), Ilneval's Saraya (57-42-2) and Stalker's Rommel (55-44-3) in their fights in Turn 357. None of these warriors are currently in Undefeated Warrior, so one wonders whether they will risk random fights or make safe challenges to ensure they cross the line alive.

Turn 356 was something less than the full scale 50+ house cleaning that The Gazette staff and our readers had begun to expect from an Undefeated Warrior turn. That said, of the eight relevant veteran deaths that occurred this turn, only one occurred on a challenge, again showing through the astounding deadliness of random matches. Further, most of the honored dead are highly lamented.

The most devastating loss of the turn is an easy call of course, as one of the three top contenders to next join the 100 Win Club was permanently removed from the rolls this turn, as Palor's stand-out Half Orc Blorc was killed in action by Stalker's excellent Halfling Popper. Similarly to last week's death of The Overlord's Dwarf Payne, death came on the first landed blow of the fight.

As the fans beat a hasty retreat to request a refund on the fight, Palor summed up Blorc succinctly. "He went further than anyone expected."

Stalker also spoke to the Gazette after the fight, noting Popper's long rivalry with Palor's Half-Orc. "Blorc was a pretty good warrior overall, definitely respected for those 7 kills. But Popper has always been able to hold his own against the big lug with a 6-3 record against him going way, way back to their first meeting eons ago when Blorc was 15-7 and Popper was 16-3; which Popper lost I might add."

The Gazette sends its condolences to Palor and Blorc's many fans. As with the death of any 150+ warrior, we find ourselves diminished by his permanent absence.

Moving down the list of the honored dead, we come to the only challenge-kill of the turn, the second straight such murder for Sleazee P. Martinee's "The Rage to Overcome", who this turn picked out and killed Valcor Aurthor's Half-Orc Orc Scraps, who dies 6 fights short of 100 with a record of 54-40-4.

Sleazee P. Martinee was aglow after the fight, commenting, "What can I say? The Rage just went out there and got the job done! And he's been doing that job well lately. At 75 fights he was 51-24-2. Since that time he's gone 19-7-5!". Scary indeed for anyone around Rage.

Picking up Sleazee's second kill of the turn was Rawg Brainsplatter, stopping Davron and Grunyon's reign of Undefeated Warrior terror after only two turns. Grunyon, a highly feared Dwarf, dies having spent the last two turns delivering random death of his own at 55-36-6.

Davron commented bitterly after the match, "I told him to lay off the Dwarven Ale but nooooo he had to push it. Consequently, he just didn't have his good stuff this week. It's a sad loss for the Dwarven nation." The thought was echoed by others leaving the arena, including several veteran managers.

Holding forth separately on Grunyon's death was Sleazee P. Martinee, in decidedly high spirits and apparently holding a grudge. "Gruny's manager, Moron, had it coming to him. I sent a challenge to Gruny several weeks back that ended up getting my loser of a warrior killed. Then Moron got all tough and wanted a feud with me because of it. All it got him was more losses and a death, as my stable went 21-6-1 against him! I hope this settles our misunderstanding." Sleazee wasn't done though, issuing the following promise. "However, I'll still be trying to put an end to Stinger's life. I'm currently grooming a grossly thin warrior and I'm guessing that Stung's 123 fights is a record for one of his size. So, I'd like to shorten the record by a few fights to make it easier to beat... Why not have the record for both the largest and smallest warrior?"

Xenzar Devrie's Tyjlie enjoyed both his second win and second kill since joining the ranks of the 100 Fight club this turn in offing Caesar Invictus' Half Elf Bladerunner, who ends his run in the arena with an excellent 51-37-3 record. Congrats to Tyjlie, though The Gazette staff hopes he can start winning more consistently soon.

Caesar Invictus shared his thoughts with the Gazette on the match. "The fight was greatly disappointing. Admittedly Bladerunner was not performing very well since I brought him out of retirement [editor's note: Bladerunner was on hiatus with his teammate Punisher for a year], but his last match was awful. He was at heavy damage almost as soon as he stepped on the sands, and was dead before two minutes were up. His opponent should be commended for his excellent showing."

Continuing Fusion's absolute nightmare of a month, Turn 356 brought a 6th death of a well-seasoned 50+ Fight experience warrior as Izzboticus's Groundhawg, fresh off of a BC Fight-Off win in Turn 355, came out swinging and crushed Elf Frost into a fine paste. This is Groundhawg's second kill in the first three turns of Undefeated Warrior VI which ties the kill totals of Jupiter 2 (eliminated from Undefeated Warrior this turn) and Grunyon (eliminated from life this turn) within the contest.

Reached deep in his cups at Dux's Tavern for comment, Fusion burbled, "Well, it looks like I picked the wrong week to try to quit drowning myself." We here at the Gazette are certain that he meant this metaphorically. Frost ended his career with 81 fights and a 45-36-4 record.

Much closer to the 50-Fight mark, two other solid warriors were dispatched this turn in Validian's stand-out (in the sense that he was the only winner in the stable) Dwarf Killswitch Enraged (33-25-1) -- slaughtered by Aho's Half-Orc Reconstruction -- and Bandit's aptly-named Staffling, dispatched at 34-20-1 by Scotty Body's Half-Orc Doomsday Jesus.

The Gazette sends its admiration and congratulations to Panther's Grimm Madok for the final euthanization of the turn, that of Shadow Master's Languedoc, who passes with a limp 14-39-1 record and without further comment.

Turn 356 was still somewhat light on the Blood Challenges with there still being so many warriors active in the Undefeated Warrior contest at the beginning of the turn (though only 300 at the end of it). Still, some trends did begin to re-emerge, including the unsurprising Honor farming of one of our favorite managers, Tolome.

There were some real stand out wins this week from a significant fight disadvantage. The biggest shocker of the week had to be Slowpoke's victory over Scotty Body's Stacie, who dropped from over 60 fights (though less than 100 ranking slots) up. Congratulations to each of the managers and warriors below who won at a fight disadvantage (in parentheses).

Tolome’s SLOWPOKE (64)
Dude Doomer’s FLEURIE 5 (10)
Pip The Troll’s SHWEATY (9)
Ted Supreme’s LE BAR DES TEMPLIERS (5)
Sanguine’s BURN IN HELL (3)

Elsewhere, the arena is nothing if not results-oriented, and some credit must be given to those managers who, having lost a BC, come back with the same match up to score a victory. BC’ing up 20 fights to avenge both a death and an initial BC loss, was Bandit’s RAZOR, defeating Davron’s Tratori. Validian also scored similar victory, but only did so with the benefit of a 29 fight advantage (as well as a 800+ pt edge in the rankings).

Working on the theory that if it didn’t work once, lets try it again, Turn 356 saw Mydgar Le Gnome’s CAPTAIN KIDD challenge up 3 fights and 322 ranking spots to be defeated, again, by Sanguine’s BURN IN HELL.

Doubling up on previously defeated opponents we have repeat BC’s (and victories) by Frank’s KING DAIN IRONFOOT and Bootstrap Billy’s DAVEY JONES, defeating Palor’s OBLIVION and Dude Doomer’s MALARIA 2, respectively.

Second helpings that didn’t go off as planned, we had…

Ironman’s SOLOMAN KHAN defeated by Ted Supreme’s LE BAR DES TEMPLIERS!

Too often, ugly is reserved for hideous BC down challenges. However, this turn, our staff took notice of a few ugly upwards BCs that can't go uncommented.

Playing Cerulo to Ffunker’s Finch, was Tolome, who thought it prudent to send, not one, but two warriors up 20+ fights and over 1500+ ranking spots in an attempt to salvage honor for fallen team members. Both efforts met with futility as PLACEHOLDER and TOO SMART were both handily defeated for their trouble (and handed four points of undeserved honor by the current system).

Not that Turn 356 didn't see the traditional level of ugliness, as there were 4 BC’s with over a 1000 ranking point disparity and a total of 8 fights at over a 500 point disparity. The biggest of the uglies included (fight advantage, ranking advantage in parenthesis)

Terminator’s KRYPTO (49, 1733)
Livestrong’s SOJOURN (22, 1466)
Hoffa’s TACONITE (23, 1355)
Shadowmaster’s GARVIN (24, 909)
Validian’s ONE HIT BLUNDER (29, 814)
Bandit’s MEL (18, 742)
Terminator’s BRUCE (29, 668)
Sons of Satan’s VICIOUS (45, 559)

To end the suspense early, we have Terminator running away with the ugly BC of the week through his repeat nuking of CAM SCOTTY by KRYPTO. It ended in such a brutal beating that a plea for mercy from manager Cam could be seen on billboards all over town. Perhaps this will turn Terminator to a kinder and gentler side? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

I would be remiss to not point out the actions of alliance-mate Hoffa this past turn. While the downwards BC was ugly, it did result in a kill to a member of Lord Dragon’s stable. Wider GAPPDA/LoD conflicts have erupted over less, so the resulting activity will be monitored closely to see what, if anything, Hoffa's action touches off.

Swords high, and, watch your back!

Many parties were back to their old tricks in Turn 356, with both Tolome and Cliff Banana working the upwards challenge and BC opportunities to accumulate Honor in ways licit and illicit.

Separately, seven different honor bounties were claimed in Turn 356, the largest by far being the 10.1 points of honor gained by Aho's Reconstruction in the previously noted random slaughter of Validian's Killswitch Enraged. Amusingly, this large bounty just barely moves Reconstruction onto the "honorable" side of the fence, as he had been carrying just over 10 points of dishonor before the kill.

Elsewhere, decent bounties were claimed by Black Foxx's Hurkit for killing Stimpy's Alyeska (5.3 points) and by Validian's Dux Immortalis for destroying Mygdar Le Gnome's Jack the Ripper (2.2 points). Negligible bounties were claimed by Hoffa's Edwards and Panther's Master Chang (1.1 each) for slaughtering Bandit's Nightfall and Ilneval's Indreju respectively. Finally two small fractional bounties were claimed in the deaths of Ted Supreme's Miss Kittin and Acheron's Primak Mul at the hands of Egor's Flailer and Gramps' Needles McGurk respectively.

The big honor losers this week were, of course, all involved in ugly downwards BCs as detailed in Cliff Banana's BC Roundup. With two qualifying BCs, however, Terminator manages to tie Sleazee P. Martinee (the Underhanded) for the top (or is it bottom) spot for manager dishonor on the week, with each bringing in 14.4 points of dishonor. Coming in a soft third, mostly on the strength (so-called) of Sojourn's second straight week of downwards BC, was LivestroNg.

With a turn full of honor farming challenges (but a respectable 12-13-1 record), Tolome easily takes the top honor spot this week, the difference being the two big upwards BCs on which his warriors got crushed like bugs. Coming in second largely due to the 10.1 point honor bounty claimed by Reconstruction was Aho (this result is so surprising, the bookies in our fair arena don't even list odds for Aho cracking the Top 3 on this side of the honor rankings). Finally, in third place was GAPPDA's own Cliff Banana, managing 9.9 points of honor without any impossible BCs or honor bounties (though also coming in 12-13-0 for his trouble).

All in all, it was refreshing, almost, to see a return to insanity on Tolome's part. The Gazette staff hopes that the rumored changes to honor accumulation are forthcoming sooner rather than later.

Its a pretty easy call this week, with Hosehead pulling in a 20-5-0 turn with one close BC and one high-level challenge. Congratulations Hosehead!

Runner up goes to Jim the Half-Ogre for his 23-2 turn, with 13 of those wins coming off the peasants in team fights and another 9 off of contested team fights.

Grunyon had killed the first two turns of UW VI and then died on the 3rd. Very bloody three weeks for Davron.

With the death of Palor's Blorc, only two warriors now remain within 5 wins of the exclusive 100 Win Club: Damion's Geryon and D-man's M. Noirceur. Interestingly, M. Noirceur defeated Geryon in random action this turn to match him for wins.

Though not matching the carnage in Fusion's stable in 355, Acheron's stable had five deaths visited upon it this turn. However, in this case only two of the kills were even BC-eligible (above 5 fights experience).

Popper follows in the footsteps of Stalker's recently departed high-level Halfling Triel, hitting the 150 fight mark in style with his 5th kill.

"There are, or were, two warriors in [Davron's] stable that scared the bejeesus out of my warriors. Grunyon was one, and I looked forward to watching him fight any time that he wasn't matched up against one of mine. Rest in piece, Grunyon. We hardly knew ye." - Acheron, raising a toast at Dux's tavern to the departed Grunyon, of Davron's stable.

"Not many Halflings survive 150 fights, so I am proud that Popper has lasted this long and is still able to win against opponents like Blorc." - Stalker, commenting on Popper's kill of Blorc.

"I should've got a kill my first fight, but my Old Man insisted that I go out using the same silly stick that he killed with in his first fight! A stick like that is only good for women (Elves) and children (Halflings) now a days!" - El'Jer Bloodbringer, overheard at a local drinking establishment following a weapon change in this week's fight.

"Dwarves are good for one thing… Feasting On! That one was for the Orc Nation! That stupid dwarf went and killed Yoder a few turns ago and I felt I had to even the score!" - Rawg Brainsplatter, following his kill of Davron's Grunyon this turn

After the astonishing 6 deaths Fusion took two turns ago and the sudden and odd demise of EE Cummings from Chaos Lillith's own stable, the Gazette's investigative staff felt it was time to talk to the serving staff who work for Chaos Lillith. "The mistress be all in a rage m'lord", one told us on condition of anonymity. "She's screaming and throwing weapons in all directions an' her fighters are right scared of her, they are. When Fusions's fighters died, the mistress made a lot of money. Someone in the stable started feeling like they weren't gettin' their fair share of the profit. So they poisoned EE as a way to get her attention. She be havin' to pay now, but no one knows who it is." The Gazette staff would recommend that all opposing stables secure their food stores for as long as the Undefeated Warrior tournament continues.

Managers appeared to back off on the "dirty tricks" this week (read performance enhancing potions), as the Competition Committee cracked down on many of the remaining Undefeated Warrior-eligible glads and managers. Consequently, kills were also down. We hear, however, that some managers doubled-up dosage on warriors who were out of the contest. Could this explain certain high-level kills? Is The Rage to Overcome angry for more reasons than anyone knew?

That's if for this week's edition of The Gazette! If you'd like to submit items for a future edition or provide feedback and clarifications, please pm them to my account on

-The Staff at The Pitt Gazette

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