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Volume 1, Issue 13 - Turn 361

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Volume 1, Issue 13 - Turn 361

Post  lord_dragon on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:37 pm

Welcome to the lucky thirteenth edition of the Pit Gazette, brought to you by many of the usual suspects this turn. As well as welcoming back constant contributors like Senior Alliance Analyst Raul and Senior BC Expert Cliff Banana, we can finally present to you in full the rebuttal to Dux’s three part series on Bastion and Legends, provided to us this turn by the illustrious and curmudgeonly Legion of Darkness manager Poeg.

The Gazette hopes that everyone enjoys the show.

FEATURED ARTICLE – MythosBusters (contributed by Poeg)
From the dawn of the Pitt we came, moving not so silently down through the turns. Using many secret advantages, struggling to reach the time of the blathering, when the few who remain will brag it up about the past. No one has ever known we were among you...until now.

Cue up the Queen soundtrack and initiate the sweep from the present to the Pitt of yore! Bloodpit has gone from a 3-stat, 2-style sport to one where almost all are accounted for but back then…

Strength actually counts towards damage, total carry and weapon choice. While encumbrance is indeed broken, what we carry is our armor (defense), shields, if wanted, (defense) and our weapons (offense with a minor in defense). Our big advantage here is in knowing we can carry and use “continuously well” as much as our strength allows. If the strength is there, weapon choice comes down to the best for a race while dex affords us some flexibility. Without exhaustion, weapon weight never becomes a liability.

Dexterity actually counts towards weapon speed (offense), style use (offense and defense) and weapon choice (along with race). With no penalty endurance-wise from encumbrance, a tank with dex gets to run any endurance-burning style (suited to his weapon choice) with eyes only on landing more blows than his foe. Defense takes a back seat in this Pitt of old as the focus is “sustained offense”. A style or two maintain a huge advantage above the others in this regard and makes the need for using the others cosmetic at best.

Constitution is good for some hit points but we don’t have to worry about exhaustion setting in and statting is as high as +9 from a 10 con (thanks to MJ for providing data) so we can count on 6 or 7 trains as being fairly easy stuff. My human Machete, born at the sunset of this era of the Pitt, took a 3 con to an 8 and added +4 also to strength, dexterity and intelligence as well in under 20 fights, so with that in mind, it follows that those with more Constitution could have gained more. I’d have thought that getting an eventual 7 trains in every stat in such a Pitt commonplace. Most importantly, as we find that encumbrance is at this time just a word beginning and ending with an “e” so our strat/activity level choices get to reflect this. Endurance to burn is commonplace and those who took full advantage ruled the roost. One activity to rule them all and in their ignorance bind them, you might say. Find the sweet spot and there you stay while others adjust for an imaginary obstacle.

Intelligence is good for skilling, though an idiot is capable of getting eventual masters. Therefore, a nice statted 17 Int is fantastic! Some day, Intelligence will become a factor in endurance burn, but in this old version of the Pitt, encumbrance is ignored so that lies dormant. Now with throw, sweeps and disarms also being useless we don't need to train them nor adjust with brawl on the theory that it helps against sweeps. That cuts down the number of skills we need to train by a HUGE margin. Skills pile up fast in ye ol’ Pitt of yore so with the right choice in style, we’re off to the races in 4 skill areas flat!

One style dominates early on and is in turn refined into another at the higher levels of play. In either case, endurance, as noted, is a myth and a lot of things you might have thought needed to be addressed with regard to your employed style indeed did not. The idea of the day, with perming and death being far more rare an occurrence than it is in today’s Pitt, was to maximize hitting the opponent. Minimizing the chances of getting hit, for most players, was not even a thought. Though one of the dominant styles granted defense, its absolute guarantee of landing one’s own big shots with even the largest, heaviest and ungainly of weapons against any opponent was its payoff. And quite a jackpot that was.

These facts alone define the whole dynamic of the early version of the Bloodpit as being so different from its current incarnation that comparison of warriors and their records rapidly becomes a flawed affair. Were I to do an “apples to apples”, I’d like to think that with my warriors able to get 7’s and 8’s across in stats, they would have been able to enjoy the benefits of 25’s in dex+con and str+dex as much as any of the Ancient’s warriors did.

Further, that my pair of (+7) 25 con dwarf’s would then in fact have been able to get those 9’s (or even more) in each other stat would have assured all of their mains to be 21+. Add to that the miracle that one of them might have earned himself 10 more points in a stat from a tourney prize, I would think then that my 25-25-25-?-?-? would have been every bit as strong, swift and tough as anyone else’s enjoying those same stats.

So what could and would have made those I ran stand out against the others on the same road to 100+?


How they got where they are and whom they had to crush to get there. That’s the real difference between one warrior and the next. If there were no true glory in the story, it would never be told around campfires or across tables. Legend is far more than just a winning record. It’s the circumstance of it.

Greetings friends, it is I, Raul Anjinarikar Siv. I bring to you, my loyal, dear friend and reader, news of the Alliances of the Veteran’s blades. It is with the crushing weight of inevitability that I bring again the updates from the Undefeated Warrior contest and its pendulum like effect on my fate.

I, I cannot write it, but I must. The Lords of Darkness no longer – wait. No, it is not right. Again, let me try. It is with a great sadness in my heart and a stern look from the Padishah that I report to you that the Lords of Darkness are tied for first place with the alliance of GAPPDA for the UW lead. With four warriors apiece remaining in the contest, they command nearly one third of the 29 warriors that stand tall still. It does not go unnoticed by me that all three of the Lords of Darkness’ losses where handed out through challenges by members of GAPPDA. And with a breaking of my heart I must note that the mighty Poeg’s remaining warrior is now under Blood Challenge threat from warriors will well over 50 fights. Think of the dishonor Xavier! Think of risk as we all know fights are not everything! Think of Raul. Please. With such an aggressive and dangerous alliance in the arena, it is a shame that there is not enough time to expand the avoids column by a few mores slots! Say seven. Seven sounds good.

The only other alliance remaining in the contest is DIE, with the lone warrior Motherskille standing alone like a stag atop a pile of angry bees. They do not have this saying in your land? In any case, Thunder Seven could no longer hang on, leaving this small alliance with one last hope for the golden prize. This humble reporter salutes you, you have held onto the field like a cactus holds water. May Motherskille stand and finish second place behind Blood Elder, gods willing.

The NBS can no longer hold claim to being in the competition. It is said that they have plans to play Undefeated Warrior the Board Game which they received as a consolation prize from Acheron’s doorman. It appears the boatman came calling, and over the past two turns has eliminated the rest of the No Bozo Squad’s soldiers, with the final nail in Barbecue’s coffin being hammered in with all the finesse of your great stick players of old this turn. I could not reach him for comment, sad as I am and unable to travel beyond my couch, but the glare from his smile is shining through my window this instant.

Looking about the field I must say that your veteran managers should be ashamed. A sick beast of burden, a team-fighting scum, an over-encumbered armor clad cat, and an abstract mathematical equation hold 2 warriors apiece laughing at your feeble attempts to eliminate them. I of course speak of the unwashed unaligned. No manager holds more than two warriors, and only Fusion can boast more than one of the alliances. And still, there are 8 warriors now among these, these animals! Managers of the Pit, I ask you…rake the flesh from their bones.

Well, I must be going. I have preparations to make in case of the worst, and it is a certainty that I will be hunted like a baby if my luck does not turn around. Salaam and Good Hunting.

An intriguing set of storylines developed this week in the 100 Win Club watch. First, Damion disappeared from the city on unknown business and failed to submit the proper paperwork to the Competition Committee to allow his stable to run by proxy. Geryon, therefore, sat angrily in the stands watching his competition for the 100 Win Club attempt to tie him at 98 wins.

Fortunately for Geryon, both M. Noirceur and Elfkiller were thwarted in their attempts to win the big #98 this turn. Elfkiller found herself challenged by Sleazee P. Martinee’s older Dwarf Negative Evil, losing an exciting 3 minute spectacle.

In a more interesting turn of events, D-man submitted M. Noirceur and teammate Kallevala Celeste to the Team Fight rosters for Turn 361, probably expecting to match up with the not-so-dreaded Peasant Scum for a breezy win #98. Instead, Dux Mortalitas tossed his own pair, Misery and Hsab, into Team Fights to match with D-man’s troop, and subdued D-man’s warriors in just under 2 full minutes.

Long story short, despite missing the turn, Geryon remains the only warrior in our beloved Veteran’s Blade that is only 2 wins away from the magical 100th. More turns like this and Terminator’s Pimp Daddy, currently at 95 wins, may sneak into the picture before this race is done.

The Gazette wishes better luck to our trio of veterans in turn 362.

Its is and has been a busy set of turns for the 100 Fight milestone, with four warriors breaking through the barrier in Turn 361 and another 3 possible birthday boys coming in Turn 362. All four warriors that broke through to 100 Fights this turn were of high quality, with two of the three that matter pulling out wins as part of the turn’s festivities. Oddly enough, it was the best warrior of the three in singles that had to put up with a loss on their 100th Fight Day, as Sleazee P. Martinee’s Celtic Frost matched in randoms against younger Hobo Joe of The Derelict’s stable and lost in an exciting 3 minute match to attain 100 Fights with a very solid record of 62-38-1. Ilneval’s Eternal Darkness and Palor’s Xenlian both utilized various flavors of the Challenge submission paperwork to attain wins for their 100-Fight warriors this turn, with Eternal Darkness beating up on one of next turn’s 100 Fight candidates, Red Wing of Solincar Nelflan’s stable and with Xenlian Blood Challenging down roughly 70 fights to squash Staple Gun’s Chert (welcome back Stapler!). Eternal Darkness thus attains a solid 100 Fight record of 60-40-1 and Xenlian backs into his 58th win, against 42 losses with 1 kill over that time period.

The Gazette would be remiss in its responsibilities if we failed to mention that Shopslave’s Ed of Estrogen also crossed the 100 Fight plateau in 361. It should come as no shocker to any reader of the Gazette to learn that the Peasant Scum were heavily involved in this “achievement”.

Ilneval will continue his run of 100 Fight milestones next turn as Beric Dondarrion takes his 58 wins, 41 losses and 3 kills into, we’re expecting, a challenge arranged by his manager. As noted above, Solincar Nelflan’s Red Wing will also certainly cross this line in the sands, bringing with him 54 win, 45 losses and 3 kills of his own. Assuming Masterpitter randomly submits his turn participation paperwork this week, his own warrior, Bob, may or may not join the other two in attaining a 100th Fight Day, assured of a winning record already with 51 wins, 48 losses and 2 kills going into the turn.

The Gazette wishes all three good luck.

What a difference a week makes. From a banner turn for veteran deaths in 360 we move to one of the lightest weeks in recent memory for the deaths of warriors that have spent a full year fighting in our beloved arenas. Turn 361 saw only three warriors that meet the Gazette’s somewhat exclusive criteria leaving the Pit on a permanent, non-refundable basis, two at the hands of warriors managed by Sleazee P. Martinee. In fact, despite another turn chock-full of randoms, only one veteran warrior died that was involved in a random match-up.

By far the oldest warrior to perish this turn, and the only 100+ death, was Davron’s tiny Elf, Stinger, slaughtered by Conan the Barbarian.

Davron seemed relatively upbeat when approached after the match by a Gazette reporter, commenting, “Hey, 128 fights out of the smallest possible dagger-wielding elf..I'll take it. Sleazoid's been trying for the last umpteenth turns to kill him. As the saying goes, ‘The sun shines even on a dog’s rear once in awhile.’”

Sleazee told one reporter after the match confirming part of Davron’s notes, "I just want Moron to know that it felt good to finally squash Stung! My stable has been head-hunting that warrior for awhile now. I'm grooming my own grossly thin warrior to someday hold the title of the longest lived midget. Plus it's always fun to beat on the Ancients!"

Stinger ends his reign as smallest Elf to live past 120 fights with a decent 68 win, 60 loss record, with only one kill to his name.

On the receiving end of a challenge by Terminator’s Yo Momma, Rawg Brainsplatter brought Sleazee’s bloody turn full circle by putting the upstart in the ground at the end of a lengthy 4-minute affair.

Yo Momma leaves us all having compiled a decent 48 win record, against 34 losses with 2 kills.

Rounding out this turn that was light on casualties, Lady Templar’s Agent Smith dispatched Marcus’ Sho Nuf in a fairly short battle.

Sho Nuf falls never to rise again having managed 28 wins and no kills in 53 fights.

An interesting round on turn 361, with a ten-turn high of 44 BC’s issued this turn coupled with a low of only 5 repeat BC’s from turn 360. While not itself a high-water mark, Turn 361 did see four BC matches ending in deaths, making the past two turns fairly bloody. Winds of change in the arena? Personally, I don’t think so, just a confluence of coincidences.

Interesting as well is that Turn 361 didn’t bring either a large number of BC defenses or significant fight disparity in the ones that we did have. The warriors were managed with skill and the benefit of ability to work their way to a mismatch victory on turn 361 (Fight disparity in parenthesis)…

Palor’s SOLITARE (14)
Black Foxx’s MONIKA (11)
Commandant Eitch’s YUMI-YARI (3)
Drakus’ FLYNN (2)
Sliv’s GURPS (2)
Debbie-Duz-Death’s JEWELS (2)

Palor’s SOLITARE should be particularly commended as the victory came against a warrior with a solid record and ability in The Overlord’s WEEPING WILLOW. Following up on the Palor theme of our Good section this week, he scored 4 BC victories in turn 361, with 3 of them by his own hand, and with only 1 qualifying as a significant enough down challenge to make the Ugly section. However; looking back ten turns, no manager can lay claim to 4 BC victories in a single turn til now. Excellent work Palor!

A second straight week lacking in the “bad”. However, we’ll give it another week before we can say that things could be a-changin’ in the arena. That said then, we are left with Eca Za’s BUTTERBEAN who challenged up 47 fights and 1,441 ranking spots to get pasted by Scotty Body’s DOOMSDAY JESUS. For those keeping score at home, that makes 4 consecutive turns with BC victories for DOOMSDAY JESUS, and 4 straight mismatch fights. If DOOMSDAY were still in the UW, this would be quite fishy, but, the warrior is apparently just benefiting from clean living. This turn also had a BC match up of undefeated warriors. Normally, this would be prominently featured in the report. The reason it isn’t? Debbie-Duz-Death sent 0-0-0 DROP DEAD in a BC challenge against Ill-Ox’s POSION (10-0-2). The result was an unsurprising POISON victory in which DROP DEAD did as he was named.

The Ugly section, much like the Good section, is lacking in its normal sensationalized match ups, but still contributed a volume of mismatches on which we can ply our moral judgments. JEZE LARGESNOUT finished off a 3 turn mismatch BC suite against Lady Sarafin’s J’XOM with another easy victory. Things continue to remain heated between Shadow Master and Lady Templar as there was a BC clash between the two managers for the fourth straight turn. Dirtiest of all, perhaps, was that Acheron, having failed (in spectacular fashion) to eliminate Shorty Shinz from Undefeated Warrior the old-fashioned way in turn 360, dropped FLUFFY on him in the resulting BC this turn, removing Reynok and his warrior both from the field. This list of the remaining ugly is as follows (fight disparity and ranking disparity in parentheses)…

Hosehead’s butt HAT (71, 915)
Angel of Death’s JEZE LARGESNOUT (49, 730)
Acheron’s FLUFFY (42, 1105)
Egor’s SMATTY (34, 1229)
The Warlord’s SILVER LEAF (31, 1167)
Mydgar Le Gnome’s ANNE BONY (28, 1211)
Palor’s KOR’DUL (27, 1309)
Caesar Invictus’ DEATH ADDER (26, 510)

We look forward to another big turn of BCs in 362. Sword high!

Manager of the Week and the Runner Up were fairly straight-forward calls this week, with two non-scum farming managers separated from the pack with 20 and 19 wins respectively.

With 20 wins and 1 kill while sending only one dishonor-bearing down challenge, T-mote takes the Manager of the Week award for Turn 361. Runner-up this week goes to Vic Vegas with his 19 wins and 2 kills this turn with only two dishonor-bearing down challenges. Vic teared up after the turn in anticipation of the honor and read from a prepared speech.

“First of all, this was my best turn ever, after attaining my previous best of 18-7-2 twice. This turn also saw me achieve 50 kills in my career. I was 8-0-1 against multis (ed. note: short-hand for managers who use a proxy to run more than the sanctioned 5 teams under one manager name) and multi-sympathizers. With the advent of Xavier's Ultra Challenge Profiler™, I have every warrior issuing challenges this turn, most directed at the murder of multis. Get it? Murder of multis?”

The Gazette congratulates T-Mote and Vic Vegas on their turns.

Only 28 warriors remain in Undefeated Warrior after 8 weeks. The inability of UW warriors to challenge their way out of trouble has certainly removed an unknown number of unworthy, but well-managed, warriors from the field. Participants have also been left easier to victimize with major down-challenges. It certainly has been compelling to watch.

D-man was the surprise victim of five challenges from Lord Dragon this turn. Lord Dragon, however, insists that he was not “Hunting D-Man Like a Baby”. He also insists that this was not the result of Commandant Eitch activating the coveted Dragon Amulet.

"God I'm proud of Ravel. Even in death, she accomplished her last mission by eliminating Bocconcini. Posthumously, of course." – Xavier, after the turn’s action.

"Tell Yo Daddy that her brains were good eating!" – Rawg Brainsplatter on leaving the arena this turn.

Several managers, mostly from GAPPDA, began hosting exchange students from Cliff Banana’s stable in the last week as the result of an apparent bet on the outcomes of an extra-dimensional competition involving tall men and round balls (rather than the more manly competition to be found in our arena each week, involving misshapen freaks and pointy objects). As the Gazette learns more, so will our readers.

We hear that the new blend of weapons provided to key managers for testing by Obsidiaware again had an astonishing failure rate this turn. Our correspondents point to Master Misfit as one of the unfortunate managers to have drawn his warriors’ sanctioned weapons from Obsidiaware’s prototype stock of glass-ceramic blended instruments of war.

We hear that Drakus is preparing to fight back hard against several managers that have been throwing multiple challenges at him of late.

That's if for this week's edition of The Gazette! If you'd like to submit items for a future edition or provide feedback and clarifications, please pm them to my account on

-The Staff at The Pitt Gazette


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