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Volume 1, Issue 25 - Turn 373

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Volume 1, Issue 25 - Turn 373

Post  lord_dragon on Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:13 pm

Welcome to the illustrious 25th issue of the Pit Gazette. After 25 straight weeks of in-depth coverage of the game we all have come to love, Blood Pit, one would think that our staff would be starting to burn out, perhaps even mailing in an issue or two. Well, we're here to say that that is not bloody likely. In fact, as one can see from our new series of manager spotlights, continued this turn with an interview with Lord Kelvin of the Legion of Darkness, we just keep adding new wrinkles to the publication.

As usual, we also are proud to present Raul and almost all the coverage you have come to expect from a Gazette issue. Due to a holiday in a faraway land and an unfortunate encounter with a Gelatinous Cube, we will be providing a briefer version of the BC Round Up than normal this week.

The show must go on! And so it does.

Lord Kelvin. Member in good standing of the Legion. While not the newest member of the Legion, Lord Kelvin is the member of the Legion newest to Blood Pit in general (not counting Lord Dragon, who usurped D&D's established stables almost two years ago).

25 wins away from 2000 for his career. 1 kill away from his 100th. Runs two warriors in the Top 50 of the entire arena. A roster well stocked with talent for runs at true greatness a year from now, sans unfortunate deaths. Has never placed a warrior in team fights. All these things define Lord Kelvin, the manager, but only on a superficial level.

In fact, we'd bet that if you just began participating in the Veteran's Blade within the last year, you probably haven't heard anything about Lord Kelvin. Why is this?

For some time, Lord Kelvin has been a brooding, though quietly active, presence within the Arena and within his alliance. Fortunately, to rectify this, Lord Kelvin agreed to sit down with the The Gazette's Editor in Chief. The resulting interview, we think, takes you, our readers, deep into the mind of an excellent and under-rated manager and provides some lessons that every manager can benefit from.

The Gazetteer: First off, your Lordship, describe the land whence you come and the realm over which you hold royal title.
Lord Kelvin: Currently I watch over the realm of So'Kal, but our gracious King has sought to give me title in Gyorja, as well. The serfs are almost done with the construction of my new winter castle there. It will be a beacon for all to see and appreciate.

The Gazetteer: What brought you to Veteran's Blade?
Lord Kelvin: Master Palor made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The Gazetteer: There are rumors of a familial relationship with dreaded Palor. Can you confirm this?
Lord Kelvin: I know the Dark Lord personally, but only one may call him family. Solincar.

The Gazetteer: What are your overall goals in the Veteran's Blade?
Lord Kelvin: To be known as an honorable manager and have my warriors spoken of with respect.

The Gazetteer: Despite some recent attrition, your stable seems well-stocked with solid veteran warriors. Tell us about the two at the top, Hell's Fury and Cornwallis.
Lord Kelvin: Hell's Fury is my top warrior at 82-32-5. She is a feisty lass with a knack for taking down warriors who get a bit too cocky. Her training regimen is simplicity itself. Cornwallis is the oldest of my warriors. He doesn’t do anything exceptionally well, but he's decent with a multitude of styles.

The Gazetteer: Searing Goddess and Firebloom are obviously standouts among your middle ranks of veterans just by their records. Is there a hidden gem in your middle ranks that you are perhaps as much or more proud of?
Lord Kelvin: Shamus the Glutton is a bit of an oddball, but he is one of my better up and coming warriors that will catch you off-guard if you aren’t ready.

The Gazetteer: Among your warriors, who is exceeding expectations? Who has not performed as well as you might have thought and why?
Lord Kelvin: Telmaras at 24-5 is doing much better than expected. There is nothing special about him but he tends to win when most others would give up. Even with 2 recent losses he is still hitting a near 5/1 ratio.

The Gazetteer: You seem to monster more than, for example, our previous Spotlit manager, Dude Doomer. What influences your decision to run a warrior versus sending them on a date with Lord Darius (we hear he has a thing for Elves, by the way)?
Lord Kelvin: It is true that I tend to monster a fair share of warriors. Mostly my decision to monster them is based on my expectations for all my warriors. Any warrior who has a losing record at 10 fights is monster fodder. Also if the new warrior doesn’t meet my minimum requirements...they are toast.

The Gazetteer: As a manager who does not challenge, you nonetheless appear to have something of a deadly rivalry with both alliance-mate Poeg and independent Acheron. What do you think makes your match ups with these two so prone to loss of life?
Lord Kelvin: Great minds think alike (laughs). I think our warriors tend to match up well because our warriors' setups are rather similar in nature. I think we all use aggressive primary styles and a good blend of secondary and defensive stratagems. All makes for a very good viewing for the fans!

The Gazetteer: Is there anyone else who seems to bring their deadliest game to the sands in match-ups with your stable?
Lord Kelvin: Sanguine Savior. When it comes to laying our warriors beneath the arena sands, there is no manager I respect more.

The Gazetteer: Whose warriors do you love to face?
Lord Kelvin: Acheron's, Xavier's, Ilneval's and any member of the LoD. I consider the LoD to be one of the finer gatherings of BP managers.

The Gazetteer: Is Hell's Fury on his way to legendary status?
Lord Kelvin: That I cannot say. My peers shall decide that when the time is right.

The Gazetteer: Is there another warrior on your roster that Pit fans should be watching for the long term?
Lord Kelvin: Twice the Haggis. He isn't flashy but he can rip into the best of them. I see him doing some real damage in the weeks to come.

The Gazetteer: Unlike most of your compatriots among the Legion, you don't seem to have an obsession with Half-Orcs? Why is this? Is it a recent change?
Lord Kelvin: I have never really been a big fan of Half-Orcs Only the Half-Orc candidates that I can't see monstering get on my roster. On occasion, I will add a [Half-Orc] just too keep a few going but I tend to find them the easiest race to manage from 0-50 fights and that just isn’t my style.

The Gazetteer: Besides a lack of Half-Orcs, you seem to maintain a decent number of each of the other competitor races in Blood Pit. Is this something you focus on?
Lord Kelvin: I tend to notice if I am getting low on certain races and so I will replace them accordingly, but I like to keep diverse teams for any and all occasions.

The Gazetteer: Besides Half-Orcs, you seem to be low on Halflings. Do you have something against the little folk?
Lord Kelvin: I do actually. I hate the little buggers. With my managing style I only seem to get the light, fast, slice-and-dicer's to work. If a candidate has the right make-up for the slice and dice, I prefer to run a human or elf.

The Gazetteer: What is your favorite race to run and why?
Lord Kelvin: Dwarves and Half-Elves. I find both races to be challenging and I find I can relate with them more so than the other races. Both can be highly adaptable and play to their strengths well.

The Gazetteer: What is your least favorite race to run and why?
Lord Kelvin: Filthy little Halflings. I run Dwarves just to squash the little, furry bastards.

The Gazetteer: Same questions, but fighting styles
Lord Kelvin: I like several and hate none. Decoy, Wall of Steel, Sure Strike...just to name a few.

The Gazetteer: Sure Strike is an interesting answer, since we see few managers who seem willing to allow their warriors to run it. What makes you a fan?
Lord Kelvin: Sure Strike offers a few advantages that other styles just cant match. Not only do most managers not defend against it, but if your warrior is properly setup it can be devastating against heavily-shielded warriors.

The Gazetteer: You seem relatively disengaged from the public side of Blood Pit over the last year or more. Is there a reason for this? Do you envision this changing?
Lord Kelvin: I take time when I have time. I monitor the comings and goings in the city on a daily basis but I only get involved when my voice needs to be heard.

The Gazetteer: It seems like your alliance as a whole has ceased to be as active in the public arena as well. Why do you think this is?
Lord Kelvin: Aside from the benefit of sharing tactics and information easily, there is really no incentive to be in an alliance. We need more arena-wide participation to resurrect the old alliances.

The Gazetteer: What do you think of Acheron's proposed Alliance-Lympics as a potential rallying point for alliances?
Lord Kelvin: I think the idea has merit and is a good first step. I think this can morph into something that has the potential to match the focus of the past winter and summer tourneys.

The Gazetteer: Who is, pound for pound and in your opinion, the best manager in our Arena system at the moment?
Lord Kelvin: Pound for pound it is a toss up, but I think Palor takes the win. He has a good win ratio and a one of the higher kill percentages in all the arena. Poeg runs a close second for me though.

The Gazetteer: Where do you feel you fall in the pantheon of managers right now?
Lord Kelvin: I honestly feel I am in the top 15 of BP managers. I rank myself 10th or 11th.

The Gazetteer: What alliance, if any, gives the LoD their toughest fights on a week to week basis?
Lord Kelvin: I cant speak for the rest of the LoD but I would say the guys from D.I.E. would be the biggest thorn in our side.

The Gazetteer: When you look at the very newest managers, who among them has stood out already to you?
Lord Kelvin: Depends on what you call new managers. Hell, I still think of your wealthy benefactor [Editor's note: a reference to the rumor that Acheron is the primary benefactor of The Gazette, which we stringently deny] as junior. No one outside of the influx of GAPPDA managers a while back has really caught my eye, yet.

The Gazetteer: Outside your alliance, who have you learned the most from talking to and/or fighting against?
Lord Kelvin: Outside of my alliance I would have to say Sanguine has been the most influential. Not because of what he says but what I learn from fighting his warriors.

The Gazetteer: What advice would you give to new managers joining our arena today?
Lord Kelvin: Don't let anyone tell you how to run your warriors. Don’t be afraid to read and learn and experiment to find your perfect style. Learn to adapt and the rest will take care of itself.

We thank His Lordship for sitting down with us this week.. It was an honor for us, and we hope, a pleasure for our readership.

A larger staff raises ones spirits, and it is my ghost that is elevated here before you my friends, for it is I, Raul Anjinarikar Siv, keeping tabs on the excitement that is the Alliances of the Veteran’s Blade Arena. A new event, the Alliance Olympics, promises to keep my pen flowing with interested tidbits from turn to turn. But until they start every chess move of the top players must be watched so our betting odds can be at our best? Rumor is the Padishah’s money may not go to the Lords of Darkness, which of course makes me, well, nervous. But enough anxiety, let’s see what happens around this dirty water hole shall we?

First and most interesting was the realization, perhaps three turns too late, that STUD is no longer an army of one. The ancient but much-chronicled Monster known to his friends, or I should say singular friend, as Potness, has appeared back and is actively challenging again. Well, challenging Shadow Master at least, but it shows an effort greater than I in the bedroom, my wife can tell you this! With this new and swelled set of warriors, STUD has doubled their number and tied DIE for ‘smallest alliance with at least two members’. Great things to come? It is not for me to guess.

Other rumors swirl about my friends. A new alliance is in the works, I hear. And what have I heard and where? D-Man intends to make, in what I believe is his words, the Greatest Alliance To Exist. So naturally the name of the alliance would be GATE, and I will bet a few shekels that it will be handing out some Gifted and Talented Education to the managers they face in the coming weeks.

In the less satisfied sector of alliance world, the red light district if you will, I hear that Chaos Lillith of the Facilitators is looking to recruit new members to her cause. Apparently Missus Bigus and Lady Sarafin have been busy of late and have declined contracts, and the work keeps piling up. Could it be that this exclusive gender club would accept its first male facilitator? A suggestion to the unaligned, if you are male, single, and have trouble with the ladies, increase your odds by surrounding yourself with the opposite sex. Vic, this may be your lucky day! Sadly, I suspect this will still not help you.

Well, with so much outsourcing among the alliances you would think that the managers of the alliances would be busy filling out the human resources paperwork so common in your city. But no, it appears that Poeg and Sleazee have taken time out of their busy schedules to throw the gauntlet down at each other. And the gauntlet, by the look of it, belonged to a gorilla with twenty pound fists. With no less than nine challenges, a full third of his forces, Poeg volleyed a 4-5 losing set against the strong drink of the Martinee this turn. Martinee to his own credit launched one attack at his foe for a relatively easy win. After a 4-6, I’m sure master Poeg is investigating faulty weapons and lead-weighted armor this turn in search of the disease plaguing his stable. Let me save him some time, perhaps your warriors need some herbal enhancements? 100% natural, of course, and organic! My supplier at least tells me this. A wider war between STUD and LoD could be in the works.

And along the same note, it would appear that Lord Palor was not satisfied with having Xavier of GAPPDA with a winning record against his Darkness (this title, it is strange). A volley of three challenges for 2-1 yet again puts master Palor on top. Perhaps the long awaited GAPPDA v. LoD war will start? Or perhaps another rousing declaration of non-war? I will not hold my breath, it takes too much effort.

Well, before I go my friends, I will give some advice to JB Bladeswinger, perhaps you should avoid members of the No Bozo Squad. I cannot be certain what it is you did to anger them, but clearly they intend to romance you to death with their smooth ways. With three avoid slots and only four managers to worry about, you have excellent odds of protecting your stable from the NBS. Until we next meet, Salaam and Good Hunting.

Where have you gone, Geryon. Our kingdom turns its lonely eyes to you.

Why is that, you ask? Because once again Geryon and his manager failed to register their turn orders with the Competition Committee, and so we, as fans and followers of this greatest game, were left with no Race to 100 Wins for Turn 373. No one told Asiago, however, as the renowned Dwarf challenged and defeated Sleazee P. Martinee’s most recent 100 Win Club addition, Rihn the BladeSinger. In doing so, Asiago laid claim to his own 100th win and wraps up this grand Odyssey that The Gazette has now been covering for many turns.

And what a marathon it has been, for the fans have been treated to a run of excellence nearly unprecedented in our times: five newly minted 100-Win warriors in the span of 9 turns. Besides the lucky few, 3 additional contestants fell dead just short of the mark, one at his manager’s own claws (Pimp Daddy, monstered in Turn 366). Not only that, but there remains a 10th warrior on the very cusp of the Club, now sad and alone thanks to his manager’s failure to submit simple registration forms. A pity.

Truly this has been a banner time in Veteran’s Blade for several warriors and managers and, of course, every fan of our games. Now, sadly, the Gazette must pull the shutters closed on this epic Race to 100 Wins and our publication salutes all those who tried, win or lose, to leave their mark on the city and our sport’s record books. The names of those lost in the attempt shall for all time be remembered alongside those who remain: Guardian. Pimp Daddy. Suffering Overdue. Elfkiller. M.Noirceur. Popper. Rihn the BladeSinger. Asiago.

The Gazette salutes you all.

Fusion entered Turn 373 much as his alliance-mate, Poppa Balrog, had only 7 turns ago: with 2 separate warriors about to break new ground for his stable in crossing the 100 Fight milestone together, the first of his gladiators to do so. Despite Sleazee P. Martinee’s second straight attempt to rain on the impending Green and Purple parades, by following up last turn’s brutal downchallenge on Tubor with an equally ugly one on Mammy, Fusion can rest easy that his burgeoning sandy empire now contains two who can say they survived 100 fights. And by contrast to Erhley and Abbic and despite both taking losses this turn, Mammy and Tubor can take pride in holding impressive win-loss records upon this milestone (Mammy with 65 wins and Tubor with 66).

Congratulations to GAPPDA and Fusion. This makes 4 GAPPDA warriors now across that great 100 Win Barrier with a whole passel of warriors still to come over the next ten or so turns, most managed by that great loon, Xavier, he of grudge lists and honor-less downchallenges.

Things are about to take a turn for the bizarre indeed in Veteran’s Blade.

Despite the veritable Wall of Warriors being shepherded towards 100 wins in the next few turns, only one will cross the line next turn: Izzboticus’ Half-Orc Hobbes. It has been slightly more than 20 turns since we last had the honor of singling Izzboticus out in this section, and both warriors have now passed beyond the veil. We would be remiss, however, if we did not note that Hobbes merely sets the stage for the main attraction to come ten turns hence for the Inimitable Izzbot. Groundhawg, owner of 8 kills and a solid 59 wins at 90 fights is coming and he’s angry.

Regardless, given the losses of his 100+ veterans of late, The Gazette staff sends an extra heaping helping of good luck to Hobbes on the coming turn and those following.

Turn 373 brought us little that was unexpected in the realm of veteran kills. Only one, for example, occurred on a challenge (For shame, Tolome), which is not unusual on these quiet weeks. The rest of the deaths occurred within the expected unfortunate random matches. Most of the dead were fairly unremarkable or even plain bad. In fact two of the deceased had identical 34 win, 42 loss records (the only difference being the kill tallies of the departed). There’s probably no truth to the rumor that large sums of money were placed on the unlikely death of both these warriors in Turn 373 by one Chaos Lillith at significantly favorable odds.

Otherwise, not much out of the ordinary occurred in Turn 373. Well, ok, the Peasant Scum killed an 80 win, 98 fight warrior managed by Nads.

That noise you just heard was what we in the business call a “record scratch”.

That’s correct. Though no living warrior who has been fortunate enough to survive 100 or more fights perished on the weekend, one of those who was soonest bound for those dizzying heights, Bill E. Clubs, was laid low by the Peasants, the very same Peasants, in fact, that he had safely farmed for most of his 98 turns of life. How ironic. Or fitting. Like the famed Elven singer Alanys, I can’t parse true irony.

Anyway, Bill E. Clubs is dead. Long live the next team-fighting wonderboy Nads sends out on to the sands with Pre Monster and Plop! Splash! Flush!.

Returning now to singles action, we come in sequence to the two nearly indistinguishable losing warriors killed by Palor’s bloodthirsty Dwarf Messiah and Acheron’s less-lethal Half-Elf Paula Poundstone. With similar 42-loss records in 76 fights, we’re sure that neither The Demon nor Frank will greatly lament the loss of Lightweight and The Brute, respectively. I suppose we will have to wait to monitor next week’s Blood Challenges to tell for sure. It’s a mystery.

Scotty Body’s stable, recently no stranger to lamentable veteran losses, was faced with another disappointing permanent loss in Turn 373, as a random match against Valcor Aurthor’s Twista went pear shaped for Half-Orc Iommi.

Iommi perishes having killed only once among 36 wins in 60 fights upon the sands of our Veteran’s Blade arena complex.

Moving back for a moment to losing warriors, we come to Tolome’s Thwup, who brazenly challenged and killed Ted Supreme’s dishonorable Human, Touche Rektal 2, a winning warrior with 12 fewer fights of experience.

Ted Supreme was not pleased after the fight, noting, "Once again, the nefarious and experimental Thwup from Tolome’s stable hit my team hard. After killing my beloved Un Melon a few turns ago, this turn he challenged and killed my second oldest fighter in a close fight where both were busy dying at the end. Alas, an unlucky blow in the head ended the fight in the wrong direction. I still haven't got any one to properly Blood Challenge Thwup, so I'll ask my alliance for help.”

Tolome saw things a little differently, commenting after the fight, "Thwup has definitely been on a turnaround lately and the lucky target of my upchallenge sure didn't hurt my feelings any. Late bloomers are definitely something I am looking for now and I may have to use Thwup as a reference for more of my guys. The challenge was purely random based on Touche having enough wins more than Thwup to gain honor from the win. The kill of a dishonorable foe was just pure dumb luck."

Dude Doomer was involved in both of the remaining veteran deaths on the turn, losing winning experimental Zara 5 to Nemesis' less-successful I. Groove in one random match while later, across the complex, his own loser Fleurie 5 took revenge on the biggest loser of all, Gouged Eye Inc.'s Thoran. Funnily enough, both murderers in these fights were fighting their 64th match, and the only difference in records was I. Groove's additional win to Fleurie 5's additional loss (and 2 extra kills, natch).

Nemesis was quietly conflicted after the turn while commenting to reporters on I. Groove. "1 win outta his last 6, this guy nearly headed to the monsters this turn. He just looks so good on paper, I decided to try something a little different. Surprise!".

Dude Doomer, meanwhile, was bewildered at the turn of events. "End of the tests for Zara 5. She used some new styles for me and dies only after she found the preferable one. What a cruel world! Then, a victory and a kill for Fleurie 5, my worst glad. What an amazing world!"

Its a crazy mixed up world indeed. The Gazette, as usual, salutes the dead and those still living who made them dead.

We open this week by taking note that there were fewer than 30 overall Blood Challenges in 373, a surprisingly low turnout, really. Of course, if one were to review recent turns and note the reduced number of veteran kills the arena has experienced over the short term, it shouldn’t come as too much surprise that BCs overall are down. Lethality in general, of late, has been down (though perhaps not in teamfights, for which this was something of a banner turn of murderousness) and, as an example, this turn generated only slightly more than 40 BC-able kills itself.

That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some ugly BCs continuing to generate acrimony among the managers of our fair arena. No, Dux Mortailitas, to pick one example, continues to drop 166-fight Misery down on Drachir’s 53-fight Oak. At least Oak has some experience under his belt, however, unlike poor Cobb (a 7-fight warrior managed by Hoffa) who was on the receiving end this turn of an 86-fight downwards BC by Commandant Eitch’s not-great Scratching Cow. Were Prancing Pony and Blue Vulture Singing too busy getting their nails done to pencil in this fight, Eitch? Wouldn’t it be more fair to Hoffa to just send ninja to kill Cobb in his sleep? It would save the fans from a pretty dull fight I imagine!

The BC Fight off everyone was talking about this turn, and admittedly, that makes it something of a down turn for BC Fight Offs, was Sdan’s 34-fight Hephaestus losing to Storm Front’s 10-fight (5-5-1) warrior Rust. Back to the drawing board we imagine, eh Sdan? Kudos to Storm Front and his warrior. In other BC Fight Off news, Sleazee P. Martinee and The Salaminizer turned the tables on last turn’s winner Takan Alisia, making next turn’s Rubber Match between the two something worth buying tickets for now. We hear the match is selling out quick, so try Pitfandango. They let you order and print your tickets right from your Scrying Circle. Truly a brilliant concept.

Finally, two for the “What Were They Thinking” file, Validian BC’ing and losing with 6-23-0 The Bloody Master and Edward Teach duplicating the dubious feat with 4-13-1 Insert Something Her. Seriously, guys, you might think about not BC’ing at all if those are your real options. Seriously though, Monster fight arrangements are easier than they’ve ever been, we highly recommend both of these warriors get to know Lord Darius up close and personal.

And that’s it for this week. Next week we hope to bring you the return of the Banana and his full-fledged BC Round Up.

Why must you managers always make this so hard for our staff? Three managers pulled in 20-5 turns this week, and only one of them generated any honor or dishonor in doing so, that being Lord Dragon with a particularly ugly challenge on Panther’s Jansin and a BC-to-keep-the-wins-flowing- -for-Sorah-Magdar. Even if that was your only BC option, Lord Dragon, was it really worth sullying such an amazing run for Magdar?

Pugilist Trainer falls back a step himself for gaining ten of his wins against the Peasant Scum, despite also putting together 3 kills in “opposed” (non-Peasant) team fights. One of his teams also lost an opposed team fight to generate his 5 losses. It was a nice turn, PT, but not one worthy of our Manager of the Week Award.

And so, with a no-challenge, no BC-exploiting 20-5 turn effort, we bestow our Manager of the Week award on Marius, member of GAPPDA, but otherwise a fine manager for certain.

MISSING: One Half-Orc. Approximately 6'7" and 265lbs. Large nasty scar across abdomen. Last seen hacking and slashing with a giant can opener. Sometimes responds to the name “George”. Please be careful, as George is of beastly strength and sometimes loves to "hug 'em and squeeze 'em”. Scooby Snacks do well for calming effect. If found, please contact Stimpy, care of the Little Yellow Bus.

"Paula was dealing damage like The Brute killed her parents. I don't know what got into her, really. After the first minute it looked like it was just a question of which warrior was going to come off the sands on a cart. I'd imagine one of the magistrates had some money riding on a death, period, 'cause the Ref whipped out a book during minute 2, sat down in the shade and started reading. I don't think he knew the fight was over until Gren Ma'Tir and Mordin Ironbeard came out of the tunnels for the next match." – Acheron, answering reporters’ questions at his end-of-fight-day press conference

"Messiah wasn't even trying for the kill, he was taking it easy on a fellow ally's warrior. Turns out Lightweight lived up to his name. Or the dark gods had a better offer. Only Messiah knows for sure." - Palor, discussing the death of The Demon's Lightweight at the hands of Messiah

"I miss my old fighting buddy, Calvin. The two of us would smash the competition in front of us without fail. With his untimely death, I feel like I've been wallowing since. I just wish he was here to witness me reaching the 100 fight milestone..." - A subdued Hobbes, managed by Izzboticus, after this turn's action and in anticipation of Turn 374.

We hear that M.Noirceur's absence from the turn had much to do with research. D-man has been casting about the city looking for hints and clues as to how to defeat a Monster with a warrior such as M.Noirceur. Though none would confirm, our sources claim that he even enlisted the opinion of Dux Mortalitas on the eve of fighting last week.

That's if for this week's edition of The Gazette! If you'd like to submit items for a future edition or provide feedback and clarifications, please pm them to my account on

-The Staff at The Pitt Gazette

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