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Volume 1, Issue 29 - Turn 377

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Volume 1, Issue 29 - Turn 377

Post  lord_dragon on Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:22 pm

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of the Pit Gazette, issue 29 to be exact. As always, we are proud to bring you our normal set of well-intentioned features covering all the news from the turn that was that's fit to print. Additionally, we return The Manager Spotlight from its brief hiatus and shine it brightly upon a Half-Ogre this turn (though certainly not just any Half-Ogre).

Let's cut to the chase shall we? On to the issue.

SPOTLIGHT ON...Jim The Half-Ogre, Independent
What can one say about the only Half-Ogre allowed to wander free in our fair city? No active manager has more experience with our sport, and we're not just talking about playing experience either. Jim the Half-Ogre was a member, perhaps the key member, of one of the earliest Competition Committees to sanction Blood Pit in the free cities. While his arenas are now long gone, the Half-Ogre has been actively playing Blood Pit in the Veteran's Blade arena complex for over two years now. And we bet that most of you don't know jack about him. Well, that's about to change.

The Gazetteer: Has any manager been a part of our national past time longer than you?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Randy of The Bakers would be that person, and a few of his original Fellowship.

The Gazetteer: There are rumors that you were involved with the original Competition Committee that founded this particular blood sport many years ago in a city far away. Tell us about that.
Jim the Half-Ogre: Actually, I was looking for something... exciting to bring to the market in my area at the time and the other "sports" I looked in to weren't that appealing. A clue brought to my attention by a creature known as Raal, I believe its name was, lead me to the acquisition of the rights for the Blood Pit rules.

The Gazetteer: How has the game changed over time? What's the biggest difference in the version of the sport that runs now in this city?
Jim the Half-Ogre: There have been a number of distinct eras of Blood Pit. The First Era ended when I purchased the rights and greatly expanded the sport. The Second Era continued for a time, and eventually spawned a similar sport for Elite warriors. The Third Era began with my retirement and sale of my interest to an entity known as White Wolf and its subsequent sale to a variety of other firms. I consider what we have today in this city to be the Fourth Era of our sport. One of the biggest differences, to me at least, is the pace of change to aspects of the sport. Styles are handicapped and boosted seemingly at whim by today's Competition Committee, whereas under my stewardship there was more continuity. There is also no longer a development system for the sport, a minor league so to speak, where new rule changes can be tested and analyzed without affecting the current arena.

The Gazetteer: Does your intimate knowledge of the game give you, perhaps, an unfair advantage over the rest of the managers in our game?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I should certainly hope so! I've always taken steps to mitigate this. For instance, I only very rarely issue a challenge or blood challenge.

The Gazetteer: You're the first manager we have spoken to who seems to prefer team fights to singles fights. Tell us why this is your preference.
Jim the Half-Ogre: Singles fights are, in my mind, way too much of a crap shoot. One lucky shot and a warrior can lose a fight (or his life) in a hurry. You can still get killed in a team fight, indeed it is often easier to kill in a team fight under the right circumstances, but a single lucky event during the fight is much less likely to determine the end result. In addition, particularly in this version of the game, the aggressive "Fast, strong and hardy"-type clones seem to have a huge advantage, but more so in singles fights. One of the big goals of Randy's initial Rules sets that I tried to carry over to my period of running the game was to make a very wide variety of styles viable. In contrast, gladiator games of that ancient era were mostly boring stat-fests with no real strategies other than a small number of "golden" ones that people discovered over time. One of the things that team fights give me is the ability to try different group strategies. For instance, one of my newer teams The Orks is a bunch of crazy Boar Spear-wielding Half-Orcs who are all training in throw and the martial arts. Eventually, I want to open up the fights with a flurry of 15 boar spears followed up by a bunch of Kung Fu Half-Orcs to finish things up! Great fun, if I can pull it off.

The Gazetteer: Is it a completely different game than Singles fights?
Jim the Half-Ogre: It is similar but a lot more can happen in a team fight, in my opinion. For instance, back when I started in this era of Blood Pit my second team was the Unemployed Peasants. I was experimenting with styles for months at first, getting used to what worked and what didn’t and this team had the most amazing team fights. Time after time they would get the snot beaten out of them by what was really a better team and yet, somehow, would defy the odds and win. This went on for a period of thirty or forty turns and it was a real joy getting my turn and reading their fight, in particular.

The Gazetteer: Should more managers team fight?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I think managers should experiment with all aspects of the game. I prefer team fighting but due to the way the system works now, with each team allowed only one team fight. Back in the Second Era, the rules allowed each team to field two sets of warriors, so you could have two guys in one team fight and three in another which helped once you lost warriors and didn't want very young warriors mixed into a fight with very experienced ones. Now, I have a decent number of solos, though I don't pay them much mind.

The Gazetteer: What do you say to the managers that look down on team fighting as a way to get warriors experience in a lower risk environment?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I couldn't really care less.

The Gazetteer: Don't they have something of a point about facing the peasants all the time (at least before their lethality recently bumped up)? It seems like certain managers (like Shopslave and Nads) have gotten more warriors than average at or near 100 Fights without as much risk as if they had plied them in Singles.
Jim the Half-Ogre: To be honest I don't really pay that much attention to what "other managers" do in the game. If someone gets 28.3% more warriors from 0 to 100 fights than me, so what?

The Gazetteer: So the perception of team fighting being Blood Pit easy mode doesn't bother you?
Jim the Half-Ogre: If anyone thinks it is easy then they are welcome to try to match up with my teams and we'll see.

The Gazetteer: What is your overall goal in Blood Pit?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Mostly to do interesting things that aren't the same old "Sign up new tough warrior. Send into arena. Bash, slice, kill. Rinse, repeat." It is a shame that there don't seem to be that many different successful possible warrior types now compared to times past.

The Gazetteer: The Real Kissie Poo is your top warrior. Tell us about him.
Jim the Half-Ogre: Kissie was a replacement for one of my original guys on my first team who died young. An average rookie in pretty much all respects, he has impressed me with his longevity. For a time he lead my nasty team of great-pick wielding fiends that put the smack down on quite a few opponents but his preferred style and/or abilities seem to have been neutered pretty well in the past 3-5 months. His last compatible teammate, at this time at least, is Revenge of Fluffy! who is a third- or fourth-generation replacement and is actually a better warrior.

The Gazetteer: Flounder 2 and Achilles 2 are your next pair of warriors and alongside Kissie are ranked in the overall Top 50. They are also sequels. Tell us their story and of their predecessors.
Jim the Half-Ogre: Well, Flounder was part of my original Unemployed Peasants team I mentioned above. I can't tell you the number of times they fought their way back from very long odds to win fights. Flounder was my original Lunger prototype, and Flounder #2 was a riff off of him. Achilles 2 is part of my Legends of Antiquity squad that started with the best single team set of new warriors I ever recall recruiting. Naturally, all those warriors have subsequently been cut down and the team itself never measured up to the success of my first two (D: T and Unemployed Peasants). This is another case where the current "one team fight per team" rule hurts as I can only really field Pocket Herc with Achilles 2 any more, so the others are left to singles matches.

The Gazetteer: Of your younger warriors, who should fans be watching and why?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Well, the Orks, as I mentioned before, could be something fun to watch if they survive long enough and train well enough. Jupiter Remembered is a replacement for the warrior Jupiter 2 that had a pretty long lifespan for a warrior that started with such a total lack of coordination. To be honest, most of the rest of my singles guys would be monster bait to most managers, probably.

The Gazetteer: Some of the newer generation of managers, like Stimpy, Frank the Tank, etc., at least dabble in team fighting. Who do you consider the best team fighter managers in the arena? Is there someone at the low level that has impressed you recently?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I don't really pay all that much attention to who is dabbling or not, but I have been impressed by some of the staying power of J B Bladeswinger and Mongolian Knight with their teams Code of Valor and The Pit Knights, respectively. Both teams have recently matched up with several of mine and have acquitted themselves well, especially this last turn's fight between Pocket Herc and Achilles 2 against Liif Ender and Pace Werewinter. That was a very tough fight that seemed to swing either way for the longest time and they eventually ended up beating my guys, which I don't mind in the least when it is a great read.

The Gazetteer: Tell us something we might not know about one of the other Ancients who migrated to Veteran's Blade from arenas past.
Jim the Half-Ogre: To be honest, in the past I knew them by their real names and I haven't made an effort to associate them with their manager nom de plumes, so I'm pretty much in the dark here.

The Gazetteer: Most of the managers we've talked to have some kind of race bias. Your teams are segregated by race, for the most part. Why is this?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Mostly due to team fighting... I like the idea of a lot of similar rollups working together around a common strategy or theme. Thus, a team of lunging Halberd users, my Half-Orc Great Pick wrecking crew, etc.

The Gazetteer: Why no Halfling team (or Halfling at all)?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I've experimented with them some in singles but haven't really found a team of recruits that I thought would work as a midget team, thus far.

The Gazetteer: Do you have a favorite race?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Not really. In the Second Era of Blood Pit a warrior's race meant little, less so than now.

The Gazetteer: What weapons do you prefer to hand out to your warriors?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I've always had a thing for picks, and mostly the Great Pick. Difficult weapon for most to use well. I've liked the idea of throw-able weapons as well, thus my Orks archery squad.

The Gazetteer: Which do you not touch with a 10 Foot Pole Axe?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Mostly the smaller ones. The changes in the sport over the past decades seem to preclude someone wielding a stiletto at 150 fights doing very well.

The Gazetteer: Blood Pit has been somewhat static for of a couple years now. Since you are something of an elder sage in the sport, where do we need to go from here?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Actually, in my book, the game has changed more in the past two years than I recall the "standard" arenas changing while I ran them. We used the minor league arenas to try out changes before we rolled them in to the "real" arenas and I had tools that allowed me evaluate thousands of mock fights in those arenas. Blood Pit was, at that time at least, a hideously complex system of rules and regulations and making a very small change one place often had surprising results elsewhere.

The Gazetteer: I guess I was more referring to the missing Sanctioned Events, like semi-annual tournaments, that can liven up competition so well.
Jim the Half-Ogre: Ah, indeed! Any of our Ancient players can tell you that our old-style tournaments took the game to a whole different level. Great fun!

The Gazetteer: What do you think of Manager-run initiatives like the Undefeated Warrior and the Predetermined Contest?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Love the basic concept, though due to lack of time I haven't been able to participate much.

The Gazetteer: Where do you see Veteran's Blade in five years?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Hopefully some version of this game will get "locked down" and stabilized and a new effort undertaken, perhaps based in part on the Blood Pit Elite rules set we worked on so long ago. We allowed a bunch of additional races access to the arenas, enabled an extensive magic system and enormous rules additions and changes that really breathed a lot of new life into the game. A pity that most playing now have never seen it.

The Gazetteer: Who are, in your mind, the top five overall managers in Blood Pit?
Jim the Half-Ogre: Aside from me, myself and I? I honestly have no clue.

The Gazetteer: Do you partake in any other blood sports at the moment?
Jim the Half-Ogre: I don't have much time any more for gaming as I'm on the road so much.

The Gazetteer: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. It's been an honor and a pleasure.

There are those, friends, who doubt the veracity of I, Raul Anjinirikar Siv, those who would even claim to be adoring fans of one such as myself. Well, it is not an easy job mine, to report every week accurately on what might be happening in the sands of this grand city and its Veteran’s Blade Arena. Bu, my job I will continue to do, despite the detractors.

First let us address these baseless accusations of impartiality on my part in my reports. I am paid, many know this, by a certain man who rides on a sled carried by twenty-five golden-skinned eunuchs. In addition to this, I am paid small sums by certain managers to either write very positive things turn-to-turn or ignore certain ‘behavior’ that may get them into trouble with their wives. For example, say we have a manager, we will call him, uh, Brew of Ill Repute. Now, Brew usually pays poor Raul on time, allowing his children not to go hungry and his wives clothed in the latest fashions. But, after speaking so well of this Brew, perhaps he thought Raul would be more forgiving or worse take a liking to him? Perhaps money did not reach Raul, it had to go to a woman, or to buy a new beast of burden, or to pay the Ref? Whatever the reason, the same turn Raul is not as rich as he was last week, Brew’s performance against his enemy, we shall call him Pug, will be pointed out by this humble merchant of information. After all, if the stock is losing value, it must be sold on the market!

So, let us make it clear as the waters of the river Tigris that I, Raul, report the untold truth. That is to say, if you wish fair and balanced news, you know what town crier to talk too.

So, onto pre-Olympics news. Things are quiet, aside from the usual beatings between Poeg and Sleazee which refuses, no matter how hard I try, to erupt into a full blown alliance war! What must I do, personally kill one of your warriors and leave Rawg marks on his back? In any case, despite the proud proclamations of the Martinee last turn, he, oh, what is this? I see something has been left here on my table, ah, a sack full of something jingly. Where was I? Oh, yes, I’m sure the Martinee will rally and make a vicious comeback, considering how well he did in the first two turns of this little spat.

In other news, the Lords of Ducks as in Sitting saw only a few active managers again, with Palor again throwing a three-fight beat down on Xavier. Since Xavier has an Elf of Santa's on his team, I’m fairly sure that Palor will be on the gist of naughty and not nice. Good thing the undead eat coal! Or so I hear it is spoken.

Ffunker seems to have gained a new set of fans in the husband and wife team of Ironman1984 and ViolentKitty. I encourage the couple to have their children take up management and we can have a new alliance on the field to challenge the full force of the NBS. Aside from that, I’m surprised Ffunker’s alliance mates have not rushed to his defense. Be warned team Ironkitty, these are No Bozos to take lightly.

Lastly, inquiring minds such as my own would like to know, what exactly did J B Bladeswinger do to the No Bozo Squad? It has been many, many moons. Was it a bad debt? Or is it over a woman? Perhaps a man? Please, illuminate your friends within the city.

Well, there is not much to say aside from that. A great calm, if you will, has descended up on us again as the Olympics are about to begin. I best get my rest, and say goodbye to my wife, for it will be all-nighters at the office and arena once it begins. Or at least this is what I will tell her. Salaam and Good Hunting.

Jim The Half-Ogre shepherded his third warrior over the 100 Fight mark, and second in two turns, as Flounder 2 took a short fight over the Peasant Scum alongside teammates Elf Boy and Elf Control. Congratulations to Jim and Flounder 2. Fans and managers alike hope soon to see Flounder 2 back in Singles fights soon, as this was his second straight Peasant win after spending several turns since Rounder Part Deux's deaths in Singles fights.

Turn 377 brought no warriors to the cusp of 100 Fights, so Turn 378 will be barren indeed, though the next two turns following (particularly Turn 380) will see a rather large wave of warriors cresting this summit, including Xavier's Betty the Blonde, Sleazee P. Martinee's Undefeated Warrior standout Rawg Brainsplatter, Chen Man Ching's Autotroph, The Demon's Ocullto, Hosehead's Fracker, Poeg's Export and Stalker's Godzilla.

Such carnage. Such highs and lows. Three warriors with more that 100 Fights dead in one turn. One honor bounty claimed. Fans certainly got their money's worth in Turn 377, as the lucky ones got to see more blood, gore and glory in a day than most get to see in a month of Saturdays.

The roster of the 100+ dead? Sore Rod. Norlik. Lemur. A combined 397 weeks of experience. 232 wins. 12 kills (most of them Norlik's; it should come as little surprise that the LoD warrior would be tops in that stat). Hosehead, Solincar Nelflan and Davron bereaved. Poeg, Sanguine Savior and Chen Man Ching triumphant. All three on non-challenge fights. More proof, indeed, that little is more dangerous than the unplanned-upon opponent (in fact, only one of our ten qualifying kills was the result of a challenge).

Asiago versus Sore Rod. Where to begin? Our sources with their eyes on Poeg's manager box noted his disappointment when Sore Rod stepped into the arena. We can only imagine he was hoping for, shall we say, a Sleazier opponent. Still, that frown didn't stay upside down, as Asiago made relatively quick work of Hosehead's eldest warrior and Elf. It has been a rough few weeks for certain for Hosehead, who is left with only butt Hat above 100 fights, though with the potential of several replacement veterans rising up in coming turns.

Sore Rod takes a final bow having managed 87 wins and 2 kills in 149 fights.

Sanguine Savior has spoken poorly of Mystical Charade, noting that he could only beat a bare few of the warriors in his range. We hope, therefore, that he did not just make life more difficult for himself by slaying Norlik in the 3rd minute of their match this week. Hard to say, of course, as Norlik had not recently, if at all, faced his killer until now. Bad luck, that. The death of Norlik leaves Solincar with only the mediocre Red Wing above 100 fights experience.

Norlik, a Half-Orc with seven kills who seemed to fly a bit under the radar until all was said and done despite a heady 88 wins and 7 kills in a career that spanned an audacious 146 weeks. Bravo Solincar.

Lemur, it seems like only two weeks ago we were noting your ascension to the ranks of the 100+. What's that? It was only two weeks ago? Oh, bother. What an unfortunate time, then, to have matched up with Chen Man Ching's Plunder Cat. Our spies know something of the tough-mindedness and win at all costs attitude always displayed by this Plunder Cat. We are saddened, but not surprised, to see it take Lemur from Davron. We imagine he feels quite the same.

Lemur slinks, as one must consider that Lemurs do, into the afterlife having pieced together 57 wins and 3 kills against 45 losses over his time on the sands.

Megaton. We know not what Eca Za and Yippie Ki Yea have done to you or your master. Surely your motivation could not have been as simple as bounty hunting for a mere 3 points of honor. That would be unlikely, in our minds. Regardless, a Council warrior lies dead and Megaton basks in his third kill of a veteran warrior (and 4th kill overall). How quaint. Yippie Ki Yea's death deprives Eca Za of his second ranked warrior, and leaves Plague as his only winning warrior above 50 fights experience. An utter shame, all told.

Acheron was unashamed after the fight, commenting to reporters, "It had been some time since my warriors had seen Yippie. The fans can attest, this was a very, very close fight, and one Megaton was not winning. I wonder how long Yippie got away with cowering behind his weapon after reaching his breaking point. To my mind, If he had pressed his attack rather than backing off, I would be the one in mourning now and Eca Za would be exultant. I'd call it a pity, but it truly is not."

Yippie Ki Yeah passes having managed 47 wins in 87 fights.

Panther has been known for some time as a manger that runs warriors at the opposite ends of the winning spectrum. This turn, death befell one of those at the good end of that spectrum, Domo, who matched with and was destroyed by The Overlord's prodigal Dwarf, Mordin Ironbeard.

Domo says "Arigato" to life having accrued a standout 52 wins and 3 kills in 70 fights.

Stimpy has not been a manager to run long term warriors so far, sacrificing whole teams to the Pre-Determined contest, as an example, seemingly on a whim. So for him, the loss of 54-fight Panda Monium must have been felt as that of a 100 fight warrior might to some older managers. Worse still had to be to lose it to Fusion's not-much-better-than-average Half-Orc Mimi, who has not exactly set the world on fire in her 52 turns of life.

Fusion seemed bemused post-fight, noting idly to nearby fans (and intermingled Gazette reporters), "Hmmm, well, it looked like that poor Dwarf didn't have any ribs left. He was pretty young to his torso being held together by scar tissue, but there it is. My fighters will raise a glass of Dwarven mead in his honor. Well, except my Orcs; they'll um, honor his memory by licking his death blood from Mimi's scythe, as I understand it. Orcs are odd folks, but were nothing if not multicultural 'round here, yessiree!"

There doesn't seem to be much good news for The Demon these days, as yet another veteran warrior from his stables, this time the plainly-named Halfling Toby, perished before Potness Monster's Half-Orc Solace in under 2 minutes of action.

Toby, like his name, was just barely above average during life, turning in 30 winning performances among 28 not-so-winning ones.

The remainder of the kills from our turn that was involved at least one warrior without much going for him, and two of the three could include both warriors in that tally. The lone exception to this two-fer rule was the slaying of Missus Bigus' Captain Kangaroo at the end of a marathon 4 minutes by Cliff Banana's heretofore unbloodied Half-Orc Baas. Otherwise, the remaining fights involved such scintillating warriors as Big Guy's Witch Hazel and Folkari's Blarg slaughtering slightly less execrable warriors like Potness' Sleep and Stalker's Komodo Dragon. If one had turned those two particular results around we might hardy have mourned at all.

Captain Kangaroo bounces into the sunset with 26 wins tallied against 37 losses, while Sleep can lay claim to 26 wins and 2 kills in 51 fights and Komodo Dragon 22 wins in 52 fights.

So, we close, as usual with mourning of the dead and accolades for the killers. Sword high!

As the turns go by our Blood Challenge list gets thinner and thinner, it seems. Turn 377 carried the fewest BC's since the Gazette began publishing. Fear not, however; as our lists of the Good and Ugly continue to dominate the BC report. It is becoming more and more difficult each cycle to find even matches at all.

The tally of the Good this turn contributed to a round where 80% of the BC's were found in either the Good or Ugly category inclusive of a small spike in the number of successful BC defenses as compared to previous turns' results. The Overlord tried to add to his impressive BC win percentage by dropping the hammer on Poeg's UTU, but instead received a quick and humiliating result, with Ironfist dispatched by UTU in just 2 minutes. Perhaps trying to pick things up for his
moderately-embarrassed teammate, The Overlord's LORD DIX got the message and turned the tables on the Mongolian Knight, putting one in the win column on a 22 fight disparity engagement. The remainder of our BC defenders for the turn are....

Poeg's UTU (42)
The Overlord's LORD DIX (22)
Lord Dragon's MIKE LAMBERT (19)
Gouged Eye's VARIUS (16)
Izzboticus' CALYPSO (11)
Aconite's PHISH (8)
Frank The Tank's JAH-BUL-ON (3)

This cycle, we must pay particular respect to Frank The Tank's JAH-BUL-ON. While only facing a 3 fight disparity, JAH-BUL-ON posted a 3rd consecutive BC defense in besting Boot Strap Billy's THEODERIC in 377 (and the two prior).

Our list of the Bad lacks the depth usually provided by multi-challenge losers but we cannot help but point out the struggles of Mongolian Knight here. Mongolian Knight lost both of the 2 BCs she issued this round, one of which (highlighted in the Good) was a significant upset. Moreover; Mongolian Knight showed poor managerial judgment in issuing challenges using warriors who had significant negative records against opponents with significant positive records. At least it appears to be poor decision-making? Could it be something more sinister? We hope not.

Sadly, Turn 377 generated a rather standard list for Ugly, dominating as it does the total BC results for the turn by accounting for nearly 42% of the total BC's for the turn. Of particular note are Missus Bigus' CAPTAIN SHARPE and Acheron's BLITZKRIEG as each registered consecutive Ugly Downward BC victories (3 straight for Sharpe, in fact). For shame. In a sentence I never thought I would type or utter, we had The Demon's OCULTTO wiping (out) Bandit's BOOGER in a truly speedy mismatch win. Danny D. Bloody took us back to the trend of the previous turns' behavior with a triple digit down challenge, stomping on Sanguine's REVENGENCE.

Danny D Bloody's TNT (145)
Ilneval's ETERNAL DARKNESS (106)
The Demon's OCULTTO (66)
D-Man's M. NOIRCEUR (63)
Missus Bigus' CAPTAIN SHARPE (52)
Ted Supreme's UNE POIRE (39)
Lord Dragon's FAST & FURIOUS (35)
Acheron's BLITZKRIEG (29)

And that's all she wrote folks. The Gazette Staff hopes for a less Ugly turn in 378!

Readers of our fine publication know of our not-so-subtle bias against team fight managers. Guilty as charged, of course. For that reason, our readers should be stunned into shock and anger at our decision to recognize Mr. Binx for his 20-5 turn, including 4 wins from opposed team fights (as in, not Peasant Scum wins) and one semi-ugly BC win. With no other managers at 20 or even 19 wins, this call was a no-brainer for the Gazette.

Good work Mr. Zachary Binx. The Gazette salutes you. Enjoy your small plastic trophy*.

Chen Man Ching quietly retired 124-Fight Half-Orc Midnight this turn, closing out his career with a losing 58-66 record, but 6 kills.

Ilneval was the surprising top Dishonor gainer this turn (Xavier, Sleazee P. Martinee and Acheron must be bereaved) with a surprising 9 points gained through a combination of downchallenges on various managers and one pretty vicious Blood Challenge (Eternal Darkness drops on 5-5-1 Lyk to avoid death at the hands of The Gazette's alleged cover curse, we guess). Cliff Banana, of course, claimed top Honor gainer for the turn with an impressive 12 points.

"It was a pretty much back and forth fight between two relatively evenly-matched warriors. The main point of differentiation was that Captain Kangaroo really did not do any damage. While Captain Kangaroo out-attacked Baas and eventually put him into desperation, it was more of a battle of attrition from the Captain's side. Alternatively, when Baas swung and hit there were significant results as he landed several plus-damage shots, including the killing blow. At the end it was an Organ Jelly-making shot to Kangaroo's chest which finished off the fight. The most interesting point in the fight was in early Minute 2 when Captain attacked and Baas parried, breaking both warriors' weapons. - Cliff Banana, describing the deadly fight between Baas and Captain Kangaroo this turn.

"What can I say? Norbit was a decent warrior who, like Misty, had long since left his glory days behind. It was a three minute fight in which Norbit owned the first minute thirty, and Misty the second. Misty just wanted it more... and by "it" I mean, "not be sent to the monsters"... which was exactly where he was headed. Every once in a while that threat works. Mostly because my gladiators know that it's not an empty threat." - Sanguine Savior, discussing Mystical Charade's come from behind kill of Solincar Nelflan's Norlik this turn with another manager.

"Sore Rod has been dead for a long time, he has been nursing 4 really bad, poppable injuries for about 25 fights now. If it weren't for the animate dead potions I stumbled across in the black mar...... um, what was I saying? I've suddenly forgotten. Who are you?!? Leave me alone!!!" - Hosehead, drunkenly rambling to strangers at a tavern in the city.

Our spies have been hearing rumblings of a Legion of Darkness resurgence to come. It seems that a certain Gazette columnist may have poked the beast one too many times, and the Alliance Olympics could see two LoD teams giving their full participation throughout the tournament. This publication would certainly enjoy seeing that particular alliance awaken from dormancy.

That's if for this week's edition of The Gazette! If you'd like to submit items for a future edition or provide feedback and clarifications, please pm them to my account on

-The Staff at The Pitt Gazette


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