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Post  Dux Mortalitas on Sun May 29, 2011 3:21 am

Well, where to start. I wasn’t sure in the beginning whether Thunder Seven was going to make it or not. His first 25 fights were far better than I had anticipated. I was expecting a 13-12 or 14-11, but he managed an 18-7-1. He really clicked atthat point. Not sure if I hit on a strategy or if it was just a matter or match-ups, but the next 25 fights he maintained status quo with an 18-7-0 run over that time bringing him to a 36-14-1 record. The next 25 fights were even better. A 20-5-1 run brought him to a 56-19-2 record and he really garnered my attention. I was starting to really think I had something going. Again, I am not sure if it was the way I was running him, or simply due to the matchups he was getting. I would like to think it was due to superior managerial skill, but I doubt it. I think the next 25 fights were probably his most important. As some may know, I am not the luckiest manager when it comes to getting warriors to the 100 fight plateau. Too many have bought the farm in that 90-99 range. Well he lived but a slide started. This was the first stretch that saw him hit double digit losses. A 15-10-0 set him at 71-29-2 at 100 fights. I started to look at him in the long run now. The goal was to get to 150 fights. 150 came and went with him at 90-60-3. Not a good stretch of 50 fights for him and I could see the writing on the wall, and knew that his day was probably past. I decided to ride him out and see where he could go. That takes us to his final fight on his 180th.

He leaves us with a 103-77-3 record. Congrats to Lord Soth. I was never able to take him out. He was a tough opponent, and he deserves the credit. Thunder Seven will be missed, but life goes on. We will see what we can get for a replacement and go from there.

Thunder Seven

Human Male


5’10” 253 LBS.

Strength 19 (13)

Dexterity 15 (9)

Constitution 21 (13)

Intelligence 21 (15)

Presence 11 (10)

Size 11

Skills Perms

War Hammer 9 Primary Arm (4)

Pole Axe 9 Secondary Arm (3)

Tower Shield 9 Head (2)

Dodge 9 Chest (1)

Parry 9 Abdomen (6)

Charge 9 Primary Leg (1)

Disarm 9 Secondary Leg (1)

Initiative 9

Feint 9

Brawl 9

Sweep 9

Lunge 8

Dux Mortalitas
Pitt Lord
Pitt Lord

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