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Post  Vic Vegas on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:14 am

Dux Mortalitas – AKA Duke

Started participating – 1st turn or the original Play test Arena 20 odd years back

Alliance Memberships – Orient Express (The Master, Jamik, Col, Duke)
Rated - PG (The Overlord, MJ, Duke)
Legion of Death (current membership can be found on PITT under alliances)

favorite races – Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Dwarf

About Me - Duke both Dux Mortalitas inhabit(ed) the same physical body. Duke represented the Light side and Dux represents the Dark side of the person. Dux eventually overcame and killed off the personality of Duke and now the Dark is all that remains. Both Duke and Dux ran a tavern with a graveyard behind it. It is from this graveyard that they gather(ed) many of the ingredients which make up the fine cuisine served every Friday night. It is also from that graveyard that Dux gathers up the spirit essence of the fallen which he uses to empower his warriors. It is for this reason that Dux's main priority is killing top level warriors, for it is in them that the greatest power is to be found.

My Favorite Warrior - That's a tough question. I've been around so long now...It would have to be a toss-up between, Yamabushi (Dwarf 124-32-7ish), Viciousness (Elf 133-67-7), PITT (Half-Orc 92-23-8) and Misery (Half-Orc 211-66-7). I suppose Misery slightly edges out the others.

What made that warrior special to me - Well, he proved without a doubt that a Half-Orc using truly half-orcish weapons and armor could dominate the pit at all levels of the game. He also won a tournament as he was birthed to do (named after Misery who was my second tourney champion and also a half-orc). And finally of course the fact that he beat a monster with non-popular weapons, and he did so with styles that have never been considered dominant.

A specific moment that stands out to me – Keeper taking over this game and re-balancing it. That was by far the most important thing to happen to this game since the days of Jim Townsend.

A manager that I look up to - None that I look up to, but quite a few that I highly respect.
In no specific order:
Nemesis (for all his service to the community through the boards)
Ilneval (for all his service to the community through the boards)
Palor (leader of LOD and a good friend)
Poeg (damn good manager)
Caesar Invictus (damn good manager)
Frank the Tank (for teaching an old dog a few new tricks)
Fusion (for making so many solid warriors which I enjoy fighting)
Sleazee P. Martinee (for all the conflicts we've had)
Overlord (for being great in so many ways and setting such high standards)
MJ (just a great guy whom I wish would grace our community again.)
Terminator (just a great guy whom I wish would grace our community again.)
Jim Townsend (for making this game possible and being a great friend)
The Keeper (for running the game)

There are a lot more out there deserving attention, but for the sake of brevity and the dark powers of 13, I will stop here.

Goals that I have accomplished - Having top 10 warrior in every race at one time.
Winning tourneys (3x)
having more than 10 100+ warriors active at the same time in singles (got 11).
Having the number #1 warrior in the arena (twice)
Breaking the myth that Orcs couldn't win at the top.
Breaking the myth that Lunge was the only style worth investing in.
Making a shield-only warriors successful.
Making Parry popular.
Becoming a top killer with a focus on high experience kills.
Learning how the game works (got a lot figured out now - after 20 years of play)
Making a hall of records to honor the greats present and past.
Running new contests (done quite a few now - Team Fight Contest, Karma Contest, Oddball, a kill contest, which I can't remember the name of now and Predetermined)

There are many others but 13 demands my respect.

Long Term goals going forward - hush, hush.

Races that I prefer and the styles that I like for them - Basically I like making good killers. And I find that Horcs, Helves and Dwarfs are the best for that task. I do however grow tired of races with use, so sometimes I rotate to other races to spark interest. I used to run a lot of Elves and Humans, but less so now.

Preferred weapons – Long spear, Trident, Military pick, Pick ax, Great pick, Tower shield are probably the ones I like to work with most.

My Best warrior - Misery (Half-Orc 211-66-7)

My Best Turn - 21-4-3 if I recall correctly. I have repeated that record many times over the years.

My Best undefeated streak for a warrior - HSAB got 18 straight during the UW contest and became the upper level champion.
Vic Vegas
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