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Fiesty Fiona

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Fiesty Fiona

Post  Dux Mortalitas on Sun May 29, 2011 3:14 am

Fiesty Fiona was one of those warriors that grew on my over time. Probably because I didn't have any idea what kind of warrior I wanted her to become on day one.
She was so blatantly average in every physical category from the start. I would never set up a roll-up like hers again unless not given a choice....of course I made it work (or rather her intelligence did).
If their was one thing she was great at it was training. She never stopped training.....It was because of that and my lack of plans for her that she became one of my favorite warriors.
By the end I could run any style with mutilple weapons to good effect. She also became the warrior I experimented with the most. At the end of the day I've learned more from managing her than any other warrior I have had.
A quick look..

She leaves with a record of 114-71-4 becoming the 2nd ranked elf in the arena and gaining a rank of 12th in the arena. She is also the 2nd of my warriors to hit the 100 win mark.


She had masters in every skill and
Short Sword
Target Shield
Open Hand
Boar Spear

Record Splits
25 Fight Records 14-11-2
50 Fight Record 29-21-4
75 Fight Record 44-31-4
100 Fight Record 60-40-4
125 Fight Record 76-49-4
150 Fight Record 93-57-4
175 Fight Record 110-65-4

She used the short sword for her first 120 fights. I switched to the javelin to try to improve her damage versus the heavier armor I was encountering. Eventually I would train up the boarspear as well to give a little more firepower to her damage as well.
Her favorite strat to run was opportunity throw and she was able to use it effectively at different points in fights to give her a greater advantage. At the twilight of her career
I began using martial combat trying to model a similar style to that of Luka Skyrunner. For an elf that started without an identity she became one very formidable opponent to those who faced her.

Dux Mortalitas
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