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Volume 1, Issue 1 - Turn 349

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Volume 1, Issue 1 - Turn 349

Post  Admin on Tue May 17, 2011 1:03 am

Hello and welcome to the first edition of The Pit Gazette!

We are members of the Bloodpit community who care deeply about what happens in the arena, and beginning this turn we have decided to provide a little additional flavor to the game we all love.

Without further ado, let's begin.

We felt a good way to open this first edition might be nice to survey the dwindling supply of active 100 win warriors in the Pit!

After the recent monster-challenges of the best and brightest in MJs, stable, the Pitt talent pool is left with very little above 100 wins.

Five fearsome warriors remain above 120 wins (the inimitable Lord Darius, Deadly Wench, Luka Skyrunner, Gideon and Zurn Bloodbringer), with Lord Darius far and away the most accomplished of the bunch. Coming in closer to the 100 win mark we have Bastion, Hsab, Misery, Slap Ho and Moss. We have to give a nod here to Dux for being the only manager to be running two warriors with more than 100 wins as of Turn 349. Good show Dux!

The Gazetteer surveyed fans and managers alike, and the question of the moment is "When will Lord Darius take his shot at a Monster?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Fighters likely to be joining the 100 win club in the next month include Negative Evil and Saber (go Sleazee and Poeg!)

After that, it seems we will have a couple of months before welcoming anyone to the fold.


Congratulations to Izzbot (Chutzpah, Seraphym) and Xenzar Devrie (Tyjlie) on warriors making their 100th birthday!

Pending results of Turn 350, we should see Chen Man Ching (Pop Rock) put one over into the 100 fight category. Good luck Chen! The staff here at the Gazetteer is pulling for you!

Not much of interest this turn, aside from Thingmaker putting the squash on poor, 10-fight Kamikrazy. If I were Frank the Tank, I would make sure to sign the insurance forms this week!

Major props go out to Gloom (an 11 fight warrior) and his manager The Warlord for not only BC'ing upwards but WINNING as well.

In a related story, Mygdar Le Gnome was seen morosely muttering "Hin Hin Hin" into his ale at Dux's Tavern after the turn's action. How embarrassing!

It is the Gazetteer's feeling that The Warlord hasn't had a lot to crow about of late, but we salute any upwards BC win! At the very least, it is certainly worth bragging over!

Special props to all the warriors who fought off BCs this week: One Eye (38 fight disadvantage), Fracker (22 fight advantage), Ed of Stick'Em (2 fight advantage), Goremac (4 fight disadvantage AND the kill!), Azazel (1 fight advantage), Bighead (5 fight advantage) and Stugart (6 fight advantage).

BC Fight Off of the Week is a tie between One Eye and Goremac (bonus points for the kill).

Congrats to managers Acheron, Hosehead, Shopslave, JB Bladeswinger, Drakus, Yopi and Boot Strap Billy! Good luck to those who have more turns of fun left.

This turn saw the departures of 4 warriors above 50 fights!

Acheron (attention harlot that he is) out a press release on the life and demise of his mediocrity Steven Wright which can be found elsewhere ( An interesting anecdotal review, but not much worth editorializing about.

Also shuffling off this mortal coil with relatively little remark were Izzbot's Elf Slipstream and Lord Dragon's Half Elf Give It A Shot. Condolences to the friends and family of both fallen warriors! Like all others (with the exceptions of MJs proto-monsters) they join those who have come before in Valhalla.

We turn now, for a moment, to the second Legend-In-Making and sub-50 Record Holder to die in the last 3 weeks (R.I.P. Burning Butterfly).

Truly, we at the Gazette salute the passing of Solitude, the deadliest Half Orc ever in the sub-50 fight range and an extremely entertaining warrior that brought excitement to the sands every turn.

We hope that Ilneval, after a proper period of mourning, will take the time to properly immortalize Solitude in the Hall of Legends. Its our opinion that he earned it (the same extends to Burning Butterfly and Palor).

The Gazeteer salutes Drakus and Valcor Aurthor (and through them, their warriors Belial and Rampage) for each dispatching dishonorable warriors this turn.

Let's clean up the arena one warrior at a time! It is the opinion of this periodical that both Seaweed and Neyssa deeply deserved their fates. If I were Saint Nixon (or his manager, Gramps) it might be time to start worrying about the number of avoid slots you have!

We of course salute Cliff Banana for his continued seat atop the all-time Honor rankings and give a wag of the finger to the one, the only, Prime Minister of the Sinister for continuing his long, dark fall into the muck.


We here at the Gazette salute Drakus and his 19-6-1 performance with no team fights!

Honorable Mention to Stimpy with a 20-5-1 performance with lots of team fight wins against non-scum opponents.

Like all right-thinking Pitt fans everywhere, we discount the records of warriors and managers that face scum. More on this in the NOTES.

M. Noirceur and his teammate Kallevala Celeste have ducked into teamfights of late. Is someone worried about the singles talent at that level?

When will Shopslave stop scum-feeding his 50+ warriors? Many managers have noted an interest in gauging just how good they are when they're not holding hands singing "Kumbaya" on a weekly basis.

That's if for this week's edition of The Pit Gazette! If you'd like to submit items for a future edition or provide feedback and/or clarifications, please PM the author of this post.

The Staff at The Pit Gazette

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